Only One Thing to Improve My Fighting

As I may have mentioned once or twice (okay, probably every blog entry), I don’t have a lot of time now that I have an awesome baby boy.  It seems like I complain a lot about the time thing, but he is truly a loved little boy.  I couldn’t have asked for a better son!  I mention the time thing a lot on here because it does affect my ability to get back in the game.  If I am lucky, I have time to probably do ONE thing every day to improve my fighting.  So I asked my Facebook friends:

If you could recommend one thing for me to do to improve my fighting, what would it be?”  I added the following: “I am just coming back to it, am overweight, out of shape, and recovering from a c-section. With a two month old son, I may only have time for one thing, if that.”

“Pell work” – Sir Mitchell MacBain

Work on defense. A strong defense will allow you more options in a fight, just my two cents.”  – Duke Darius

“Ensure it remains a joy, rather then a chore. If you give yourself a hard deadline, I fear it will be one the latter.” – Duke Timothy of Arindale

“Cardio, time to build your stamina back up and lose the baby weight from your pregnancy.” – Kurama Kenshin

Lunges. Easier on the mid-section and knees than squats. Rebuild leg strength.
Start with no weight. Once they are fluid (knees barely kiss the ground), start doing them holding the baby in your arms.  Once the cut from the c-sec is entirely healed, go on to squats. – Sir Pellandres
100 shots a day on the pell while holding a shield. If you feel like you want to do more, go ahead; the 100 shots is a minimum, not a maximum.” Sir Alexander de Hauteville

Be willing to fail. I know that sounds weird, but we so often get stuck in a spot where we are unwilling to take risks or change things that are not working because we are worried that they may lead to failing. Making mistakes, risk taking, trying new things, and being willing to abandon things that do not work are the ways to learn. Amusingly, I just gave this advice to my critical writing class last week.” – The Widow Montoya

“Pell work. Make the shots be automatic to the nervous system so you don’t have to think about throwing the shot, the shot just is.” – Jarl Thorsson

Make sure you trust the people at practice enough to be able to take chances, and not try to “win” at practice.” – Alric of the Mists

“One thing? Observe. Watch all the fighting you can. In person, on video. Watch and learn. Physical conditioning matters, but fighting is an intellectual puzzle. Observation lets you solve the puzzle.”

Mobility. Miyagi say, best way block hit, no be there.”
Free Weight Training. Best long term gift you can give yourself. Stabilizing the joints will allow you to do more of the other things with less injury. I add this to my PEL work”. – Sir Hrafn

I always suggest working footwork. No use being a sitting target. If you keep your feet moving not only will it help your defense, but it will help you get into better offensive potions where you can plant your feet and throw a good shot.” – Osazuwa NKante

Make your goal not to win, but to have the best time you can for as long as you can and have a fun fight. You asked how to improve your fighting. I’ve told you that rather than told you how to be better at fighting. I think that if you follow my advice, getting better follows naturally. Bon chance!”
There were a few gentles whose SCA names I either did not know or know how to spell so I did not credit them here.  My thanks to all who responded!  Now I have a lot to think about!

~ by Gunnvor on October 21, 2017.

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