Here is my list of links for SCA fighters and other SCA-related stuff.  Please let me know if you have any that you’d like me to add!

Online SCA Fighting Forums

  • The Armour Archive This is probably the most popular forum.  There is also a lot of information on making armor including patterns. There is a classified section where you can buy and sell armor, too. The off-topic posts are usually hilarious.
  • Thegirlsclub This is a forum for female fighters.  Men are allowed to join, but some sections are female-only. It isn’t frequented much anymore.

Heavy Combat Handbooks I used to think they were these mysterious books given to marshals. I recently realized they’re available for anyone to view!

Drills, Conditioning, Etc.

Other SCA Fighting Blogs

Other SCA Links (A & S and persona stuff)

4 Responses to “Links”

  1. These are awesome and make my life so much easier. I just found the SCA and I can’t wait to start fighting

  2. Mad Matt’s is not making any new stock or taking orders.
    The Armour Archive is a good place to find some used stuff, special group buys, or someone selling of a project they just made.
    Historic Enterprises
    StoneKeep Armoury depends on the fighting community to submit practice info and updates. So, check it out and submit your groups practice.

  3. I recently joined the SCA as well! I am so excited to learn and grow as a fighter and in other areas as well. I am currently reading The Armored Rose and am researching armor. Any suggestions on or thoughts on what a female fighter should look for? thank you!

    • I would say make sure your body armor stops at your waist so you are able to twist and bend. Also, make sure the arm holes are wide enough so you can put your bent arms out in front of you and touch your elbows together. I have heard good things about c-belts for holding leg armor, but have yet to try one myself.

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