About SCA Fighting

The SCA is an acrynym for Society for Creative Anachranism.  What we do is try to recreate several aspects of time periods and places before 1600AD.  There are many different time periods, places, cultures, and aspects of those cultures that people recreate.  While I do embroidery and other stuff, this blog focuses on the fighting aspect.

There are many rules to the fighting and the rules are updated regularly. You can find them in the links section. We use mostly sticks of ratan shaped into various weapons to fight with.  There are armor requirements, but they vary depending on where you live.  This is a world-wide group and it’s broken into several kingdoms.  Where I live the required protected body parts are: head, neck, sternum, elbows, wrists, hands, kidneys, knees, and groin/uterus (depending on your gender).  Other kingdoms have other rules, though many are similar to ours.

The fighting is honor-based.  If someone hits you hard enough to “kill” you, then you’re “dead”.  Obviously, this is a very subjective thing.  It all depends on how hard you expect to be hit, how much adrenaline is coursing in your veins, or how thick your armor is.  Mostly people are pretty good about following this honor system.  There are people who “shrug shots” or “rhino-hide”.  These are terms given for people who prefer excessive force be used to “kill” them.

For more information, I’d suggest googling the following terms: sca, armor archive, or youtube sca fighting.

2 Responses to “About SCA Fighting”

  1. Hello, Gunnvor,

    Another good entry! Is there a site that you’d recommend for learning the rules of SCA heavy combat? I hear bits and pieces, but being a rather scholarly sort, I’d prefer to read it from a credible source all at once. Is there anything like that?


  2. Go to the links page. There’s one that will take you to the Society Earl Marshal’s website. The site it takes you to is the latest updates to the Marshal’s handbook. On the top right of the page, theres a link that will take you back to the website. Look for the link for the Marshal’s Handbook. That’s what you’re looking for. Let me know if you still can’t find it!

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