Training While Pregnant

I asked my Facebook friends to recommend things I could do to train for SCA fighting while pregnant. Most of the advice I received was to do gentle cardio or some strength training. I was warned not to do pell work as the difference in my center of gravity would just mess up my technique after the baby is born.

I have still been keeping busy and helped marshaling at Tourney of the Daffodils and Blood and Axes. I went to War of the Roses and managed to keep busy socializing. I feel like I’m finally starting to get over shit. I seem to be repairing some friendships that I thought were broken. This makes me happy because some of them I valued highly, but didn’t want to make myself even more vulnerable by admitting that. While my friendships that disintegrated years ago didn’t exactly return to “normal” in a few hours of hanging out, I was pleased that we at least made a few first steps to being on good terms again.

I truly did want to actually do some form of training while being pregnant. I spent a whole five minutes one day with one of those thingies designed to strengthen your grip. And another day, I walked almost a half a mile with Kitsutaro (the SCA name of the father of my child). These bursts of energy, however, are quite rare. Unfortunately, I spend more time and energy getting a few things done and the rest of my time needing sleep and rest. I also did end up playing with a pole arm several times, helping Kitsu with drills. I didn’t feel like my center of gravity was particularly off, but I have always had good balance, even though doctors have told me, at times, that I shouldn’t. It felt good to play with it, but I tried very hard not to do any of the repetitive movements that would make what I was doing any kind of technical work, just in case.

I did realize that there were a number of questions that I had to answer before I start fighting again anyway. I still have at least a month or two before the baby is born and at least a good 6 weeks afterwards before my body will be able to handle heavy fighting again. I hope to have things figured out by then. Kitsu is incredibly supportive of us both pursuing our fighting goals and we plan to split fight practices and infant care so we can both improve.

Anyway, I need to figure out a few things:
1. What do I want my main weapons form to be?
Yes, I know that the traditional answer would be sword and shield. That is the usual answer given to anyone who is interested in learning to fight. However, I spent a while fighting as a righty with a tear drop. I spent a while fighting as a lefty with a heater. However, it always seemed to be an uphill battle. It didn’t seem natural to me. I had shoulder problems as a righty. I wasn’t as ambidextrous as I thought as a lefty. I had issues with learning the techniques. Then when I did learn them, I had issues with remembering to use them in the right circumstances. And if I didn’t use them, I eventually forgot them. I got annoyed because my shield kept blinding me and I never seemed to react correctly to things. If I were to continue trying to attempt learning to fight sword and shield, I also would need to figure out what style to learn (hilt-heavy or tip-heavy) and what shield shape to choose. I know the pros and cons of each so much that I feel like my intellect is almost blinding my decision.

I initially thought I had a proclivity for pole arm until I met a few great pole armers. However, I feel more comfortable with a pole arm. Even though I am more open to getting hit with shots, I like that I can actually see them coming. It is probably the only weapon form that I actually feel is somewhat natural for me. I suppose in typing all of this out, it is more obvious what course I should take. However, I’m not really fast enough on my feet to be one of the quick pole armers and I never really got into the “thug” style of just standing and hitting heavy with big, thick sticks. Maybe I should just do what I like and not worry about learning to be good. However, part of my enjoyment comes from learning to be good, so I don’t know.

2. Who am I going to fight with?
I used to love fighting in melees. When I first started fighting, I had fun fighting side by side with my good friend Olaf in the 3rd division of the Northern Army. When I thought I had found my permanent place in the SCA, I had fun fighting side by side with the people in the household I was a part of. Now, I have nobody to fight with at melee events. I tried to fight alone at Pennsic, but all of the orders were given to households and units, so I never really had much to do except to try and join in and fill in empty spaces in the line. It wasn’t much fun and I left before the time was up.

I also have no desire to join another household or squire right now, which probably doesn’t help matters. I do want to get back on my quest to improve my fighting that originally started this blog. However, I’m just not ready to enter into another squire relationship with anyone right now. Also, I thought of my old household like my family. Choosing to leave was one of the most difficult decisions I ever made. I’m just not ready to find another family. I haven’t really found another group I feel that way about right now anyway. Maybe I just need some time to actually give another group a chance. I just know I’m not ready. I am more than happy to learn anything from anyone who has anything to teach me, but I’m just not ready to choose a single mentor at the moment.

3. Can I get back on the fighting bandwagon while looking after an infant?

Well, this is one I’ll just have to wait and see what I can do.

~ by Gunnvor on June 5, 2017.

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