Nordenhal Fight Practice 8/?/16

We had a new fighter in our canton that was interested in attending a local practice. Unfortunately, with the problems we had with our location and the lack of active fighters in my canton, we haven’t had a local practice in a while. I offered to carpool with him to any of the nearby practices. He decided he wanted to go to Nordenhal. I was looking forward to trying out my new set of armor.

When we arrived at Nordenhal, we were the first ones to arrive with armor. We put it on and started to fight each other. I grabbed two swords, figuring it would allow him to have some visible target areas. At first, I played a completely defensive game to allow him to practice shots. It didn’t take long for him to request that I try to hit him back. I still played a bit defensively, but at least gave him a bit to dodge. Then I got bored and started fighting more aggressively. He did pretty well. It turns out that he had been to a few fight practices before but this was the first time he had armor to use.

I took a break and fought someone else. I can’t actually remember who I fought second. I also fought using my two swords. He grabbed two swords as well. He was more of a challenge to fight. I did well at first, but then he did better later in our fights. I wish I could remember who it was!

I was tired and my arms were sore, so I was considering taking my armor off when Sir Ivan came over and asked me to fight him with my pole arm. Ivan never requests to fight me, so I was flattered and excited. He had a large great sword that he was using. It was almost as long as my pole arm! As with before, I did well at first, but at the end he did better. The biggest problem was that he tried a chopping motion on the top of my head, but from the way that my helmet is built, all of those motions slid right down my helmet and onto my shoulder. This was the shoulder that wasn’t that great to begin with and I hadn’t worked on the shoulder lamellar yet, so it wasn’t well-armored. After about three or four hits there, I really couldn’t move it. I thanked Ivan for the fight and armored down with difficulty.

I had some very nice bruising on my shoulder the next day. Also, it took me a day later to realized I should have tried that cross-block and hit combo that Shiro showed me at Pennsic. Well, a thought that’s better late than never I guess!


~ by Gunnvor on November 6, 2016.

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