Barleycorn 2016 (a.k.a. Adventures in Marshaling)

As knight marshal of the Canton of Northpass, I was again asked to marshal the heavy fighting activities. This was an investiture and as such the scheduling was extremely difficult. There were four courts on Saturday and fighting could really not happen during those courts. There was a tourchlight tournament scheduled for Friday night. I showed up, but nobody else did. Honestly, I didn’t expect anyone. Most people worked all day and then drove at least a few hours to get there. Those fighters that were in attendance were probably busy settling in.

The next day, the only event that I was responsible for marshaling was the melees, which were scheduled for 9am. The schedule was extremely tight due to the four courts that were apparently required for the investiture that was being held at Barleycorn this year. Unsurprisingly, no heavy fighters showed up. One fencer showed up and mistook me for the fencing marshal (what do people keep doing that?). I was getting ready to leave when one heavy fighter showed up and asked where he could put his armor. I found a place and he asked about the fighting. I explained the problem. The outgoing court of the Viceroy and Viscrene was about to start. We could certainly not have any fighting activities there. We walked and found a small field where it was far enough away that it shouldn’t disrupt their court, but not far enough away that people couldn’t find the fighting if they were so inclined.

They stayed there until noon when Sir Edward’s Tournament was about to start. He had brought his own marshal. I started chatting with one of the other fighters who was also a marshal. That fighter told me that apparently according to curia law if I was marshal in charge at an event, I had say on all marshal activities that happened at that event. I was to be given a list of marshals ahead of time and if I wasn’t happy with the way things were being handled, I could chose to stop all heavy fighting activities or refuse to have them there. I have since checked the marshal’s handbook and skimmed through EK curia law. I saw nothing of the kind.

There was something important that occurred throughout the day that I was not listened to about and I was not happy. I also had someone try and pull rank on me on an issue too. Seriously, it’s enough to make me not have any desire to help out and marshal again. It’s hard enough to find people to marshal because most of the people who marshal prefer to fight. Then add some of the extra bullshit that I had to deal with on top of that and it’s no wonder why many people would prefer not to do it. I discussed the happenings with the event autocrat and I was assured that it wouldn’t be a problem in the future, so I’ll guess I’ll give Barleycorn a try for one more year.


~ by Gunnvor on November 6, 2016.

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