Bennington Fight Practice 6/25/16

I left home early and drove a little over two hours to the Bennington, VT fight practice. I was happy to live someplace where it was at least a little closer to attend because I always enjoyed this practice. There really don’t seem to be any “local” practices. And while I am the knight marshal of my canton, there aren’t enough fighters and there isn’t a good location for us to have practices currently.

When I arrived, it was good to see familiar faces that seemed glad to see me as well. One surprised me. I had seen him at Dancing Fox over the years, but never seen him fight. He gave me three different names. As such I’m not sure I remembered any of them, but I believe one was “Mar”.

He was my first fight. Given what had occurred at the Middletown practice earlier in the week, I decided to take my lighter, tip-heavy sword. Mar used a mace and buckler. Even though I was rusty, he said the last time he was in armor was a long time ago, so I was better. It boosted my confidence to be able to easily kill him a few times. However, my confidence was short-lived. He has an ability to quickly adjust his game to counter who he’s fighting. Honestly, it’s an ability I wish I had! After the first few wins, I couldn’t get a hit on him. My right shoulder started hurting very quickly, so I couldn’t fight him too long.

To give my shoulder some rest, I picked up the pole arm next. I ended up fighting Mar again. He had a great sword or katana or something similar. It was the same fighting him with my pole arm. Once I killed him a few times, he knew exactly how to counter everything I did.

The next person I fought was named Hrutger. He was also coming back from a long break. I fought with two swords and he fought with a mace and round shield. I did pretty well against him, but I don’t remember who got how many kills. I do remember his round shield was difficult to get around, in general, though.

My last fight was Sir Alex. We both fought with sword and shield. It seemed like my shoulder had received some sort of second wind. It had stopped hurting and was ready to fight again. Surprisingly, I won a few, but I think he won the majority. Then he threw a beautiful J hook. It went up under my armored skirt and hit the back of my leg just under my ass. In the past, this sort of injury would have caused tears and the tears would cause embarrassment. I decided to stop then to prevent the embarrassment.

I was surprised that my first reaction was not to cry. That has been my first reaction for years. It took a lot of soul-searching, a lot of self-work, and a lot of shit that I had to go through to get here, but I finally feel like I’m back. I finally feel like I got my attitude back! Of course there will be a ton of work required to reach my goals. I also think that there will still be roadblocks along the way, but now that my attitude has finally returned, I’m at least on my way!


~ by Gunnvor on July 1, 2016.

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