Middletown Fight Practice 6/21/16

I arrived at the fight practice wondering if I was in the right place. I didn’t see anyone I recognized right away and there were just a bunch of people sitting around with no semblance of armor in sight. Finally, I recognized one person and walked over. They seemed downcast and said they were waiting for a marshal. I told them I was a marshal and a few went to get their armor. Since Mark wasn’t there yet, he had brought the equipment I needed to fix the rivet in my chin strap, I had nothing to do. I stood around and various people introduced themselves to me. I’m very bad with names, but I did my best to remember what I could.

As I stood there chatting, one of the guys seemed surprised that I was a heavy marshal. He thought I was a fencer. I was immediately annoyed. Years of being told that I “didn’t look like a fighter” caught up with me. I asked it if it was because I was a girl. He immediately backpedaled and apologized, so felt bad.

The chin strap was a quick fix and I was able to fight. My first fight was with a guy whose name was Dirk, I think. I grabbed my hilt-heavy sword to start with. I had been playing with two in practice — one that was tip-heavy and one that was hilt-heavy. I had been experimenting with both and was unsure which one I liked better. My arm got sore very quickly. I think I killed him twice and he killed me once before I had to take a break. I’m surprised I actually did that well because I saw myself flailing around with my sword more than I wanted to. I had been practicing with a pell and I had managed to get more shots off on the pell than I attempted against him. I wondered if I was using poor body mechanics and relied too much on my arm muscles or if swinging a stick in armor made the difference.

During my break, I decided to try the tip-heavy sword next time. After a decent rest, I grabbed it and saw that everyone on the field had pole weapons. I had forgotten my pole arm at home, but thankfully Mark had offered to loan me one. It started out as a sort of round robin. It was my turn first and Dirk got me with an axe blow to the ribs. Then, the next fight took a long time, so Mark asked me to fight him. He was fighting with a significantly smaller weapon and he was able to get in close and kill me. I made a mental note to turn it around and use the butt spike. He did it again. This time, the butt spike, which had strapping tape on it, caught on my armor as I tried to turn it around. That happened the next two times I tried to do the same thing. The third time I changed my grip and choked up on the handle. It seemed counter-intuitive, but it worked and I killed him once or twice before I was too winded.

I was too tired and sore too quickly, but I’m hoping that will only be temporary. I’m hoping I’ll be able to knock the rust off quickly and get back to it. Now I just need to figure out what my next goals are going to be!


~ by Gunnvor on June 22, 2016.

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