Middletown Fight Practice

I went to my first fight practice back a few weeks ago.  I was a little nervous and a little excited to be back in armor again.  My first fight was against someone I never met who introduced himself as Little John.  I was fighting as a righty, but I was rusty.  I was surprised when I killed him 2/3 times!  I think they were both thrusts that I won with, but I still did better than I expected, so I was pleased.  It was also good chatting with him.  He used to fight with the Northern Army, but a different division and he recognized my helmet as a Tearlach immediately! It was still nice reminiscing of old times and talking about the few people we knew in common.

I took a bit of a break and then decided to play with my pole arm.  I was the only one there with a pole arm, but my friend Johne Haggis wanted to fight me with his sword and shield.  It didn’t take long before he got in close.  We both struggled for a time to try and get a strike in.  Finally, I felt a hard hit on my face grill and called it “good”.  My helmet seemed to be sitting a bit strangely, so I took it off and realized that I busted the rivet on my chin strap.  I could not fight any more. There is a a video, but I couldn’t figure out how to get it on here.

I tried to contact a few friends with anvils so I could take the (probably) two minutes it would take to re-rivet the chin strap.  However, with our busy schedules, nothing got worked out yet.  Once the school year is over, I should have more time and hopefully I’ll be able to fix it and get to more fight practices. I’ve been wanting to visit the Nordenhal and Bennington practices sometime in the near future.

I’ve also been thinking about Pennsic.  I signed up, but I started to wonder who I would be fighting with.  Sure, I have friends, but I didn’t want to be the awkward one to ask if I could fight for them and force them to (even more awkwardly) come up with a reason to turn me down for whatever reason.  Maybe I’ll be a mercenary and see if I could get someone to pay for my services.  Well, now that I’m fighting as a righty again, its at least not THAT far a stretch.  There’s still time, I suppose.  Hell, I could even wait until I get to Pennsic to figure it out.  But still, it bears thinking of!


~ by Gunnvor on June 10, 2016.

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