A Temporary Setback

I had plans to attend the Nordenhal fight practice this coming week.  Then I put on my armor and discovered that my body armor and my gorget no longer fit.  This seems like the perfect time for a GoT reference:

Seriously, though, it’s pretty prohibitive.  I can rework the body armor, but it’ll take time that I don’t currently have.  I’d have to make a new gorget.  Or I could just lose a few inches and 10-15lbs and be fine.  So I have resurrected my Gunnvor’s Fitness page.  For a while I had turned it into a page for random thoughts, but I have now brought it back to its original purpose.

So, on the down side, it’ll be a bit longer before you hear about me getting in armor again, but hopefully not too much longer.


~ by Gunnvor on May 8, 2016.

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