EK Coronation (SP 2016)

As I have previously mentioned, I have been taking a break from the SCA. I still hadn’t made much headway into the reasons why I was taking a break and started to wonder if maybe the SCA just wasn’t for me anymore.  I went to Coronation because my good friend Olaf was getting elevated to a Pelican. It was well-deserved and about time he was recognized. I had only intended to stay long enough for morning court and then planned to leave. I decided to go grocery shopping afterwards since there were bigger stores with more selection near the event site than where I live. I put the envelope with my grocery money in my bucket (my SCA equivelant of a purse) and drove to the event.

When I got there, it was great to see some old friends, albiet briefly. I had to use the bathroom badly, so the lady at the gate kindly let me in with the promise that I’d pay later. Well, due to people using both bathroom stalls to change, I waited close to 20 minutes to  use the bathroom. I barely had time to get to court on time. I set my bucket on a table while I processed up with Olaf, forgetting that my grocery money was in there. I listened to the speeches about Olaf and congratulated him. Then I grabbed my bucket and went to pay on my way out. 

Only when I went to pay, the envelope with my grocery money was gone. I ran to my car to grab some more money, hoping against hope, that I took the envelope of grocery money out of my bucket and left it in my car. It wasn’t there. I was upset, but found $20 to pay the gate fee. In my emotional state, I told maybe 4 people that someone stole an envelope labeled “groceries” with over $80 in it from my bucket. I started to wonder if this was a sign. Maybe I should be done with the SCA. I carefully thought about the food I had lying around my house and realized that I wouldn’t starve before I got paid on Friday. I think I was more upset that I had thought of the SCA as a safe place and it wasn’t. On my way out, a woman told me to come with her. She had overheard my plight and pressed some money into my palm. I thanked her for her generosity, but told her that I’d be fine. She insisted that I take the money. She also insisted that when I see someone having a bad day, that I help them in return. I accepted, though I usually have a difficult time figuring out how to help someone in need, though I generally want to help others. I figured I’d come up with something. More than just giving me money, she reminded me what it was that I valued about the SCA. While I enjoy the embroidery and fighting, it’s about the wonderful people who will stop to help you out, even though they don’t really know you. It’s about the people who make your day just to see, even though all you have time for is a smile and a hug. It’s especially the ones who are like family, who are there for you no matter what, regardless of household, barony, kingdom or political  affiliations. They are the reason I know I will be back, when I am ready. 



~ by Gunnvor on April 11, 2016.

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