Barleycorn Heavy Combat

As you all know, earlier this year, I became a marshal.  Then I was made KM of the canton I now live in. Then I was asked to organize the heavy combat activities at John Barleycorn.  Having never been to one, I really knew very little about this event, so I did some homework.  Apparently, this event used to be known for its fighting, among other things and has had years with attendance of over 600 people.  It used to be a regular RP event as well.  In recent years, the attendance has diminished as well as the fighting activities.  This year’s theme is “John Barleycorn Goes to War”.  The idea was to promote more fighting activities.  I know the fencers have some interesting activities planned as well.

Here is what I have planned for this year:
“Friday evening there will be a torchlight tournament to test your skill at using weapons other than sword and shield!  Bring your pole arms, axes, great-swords, two swords, or anything other legal weapon(s), but shields will not be allowed (including bucklers).    The tournament will be a round-robin format and your weapons form does not need to match that of your opponent.  Prizes will be given for first and second place in this tournament.

On Saturday morning, the armored fun continues.  There will be a tournament to determine the warlords for the melees to follow.  It will be double-elimination with the first round being swords and shields and the second round using pole arms (can be provided, if necessary).  The following rounds will be the contestant’s choice.  Prizes will be given for first and second place in this tournament.  The first and second place winners will also become the warlords and will choose not only their teams, but the melee scenarios for the remainder of the day.
Following the tournament, there will be three melee scenarios chosen by the winners of the tournament.  The winner of the tournament will choose the first and third scenario while the second place winner will choose the second scenario.  Choices could be field battles, bridge battles, castle battle, capture the flag, warlords (when the warlord dies, the melee ends) and woods battle, with the warlords choosing whether each will be a resurrection battle or not with a maximum of 30 minutes on resurrection battles.
Pick-ups will follow the melees for any individuals who are so inclined.”
There are also going to be a few tournaments run by other individuals as well.
I’m looking forward to it, but I’m also a bit nervous because I’ve never been in charge of heavy combat activities at an event before.  I would LOVE to make this a fun day of fighting for all attendees and I would LOVE to get a good turnout.  If you are free that weekend, please come.  I would also recommend that you pre-register, not just to save the $5, but to ensure you get a bunk in one of the yurts if you’re planning on spending the night.
Here is the event’s website: Barleycorn Event Page.
Also, if anyone has any tips on running the heavy combat portion of an event, please post them in the comments section below.

~ by Gunnvor on August 23, 2015.

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