Pennsic XLIV: Thursday of War Week

I awoke with bad back pain. I didn’t care how much it hurt, I was going to fight in the woods today. I just wanted to go to sleep, I was so tired. Instead, I went through the motions. I made breakfast. I got my pole arm inspected. I armored up and walked to Serpentius.

When the canon sounded, we walked to a banner then continued walking to a second banner, not far away, behind a line of our opponent. Surprisingly, they cut right through us (we’re usually considered a pretty tough unit). We fell back significantly. They continued to cut through us until we were pretty sparse. I stood slightly back from a hole in the line and took out three people who tried to come through it. I saw one trying to get around on the left. His stick touched me but way too lightly, so I killed him. As I delivered the thrust, I slipped in the mud and fell. I was trying to get up when I heard/felt a blow land on my helmet. I looked at the guy who killed me and said that I had fallen, but that I would take it anyway. He apologized and I walked away, happy with my 4:1 kill ratio.

I waslked up the hill to resurrection point where it took me a long time to catch my breath.  I followed a number of out unit off in a different direction. It seemed like they kept getting killed and never came back. We kept being moved here, there, always far in the back, never seeing any action. There were several medical holds, so a 75 minute battle ended up lasting from about 11:20-1:30. I was very sweaty and disappointed that the battle didn’t continue as it started for me, but at least I saw some action at the beginning. As is my custom, I made my way to my camp directly after the battle before my adrenaline wore off.  When I undid my braids to shower, they were completely soaked.


~ by Gunnvor on August 21, 2015.

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