Pennsic XLIV: Post-Pennsic Thoughts

It does seem like Pennsic just flies by.  It also seems like I can’t get through a Pennsic without encountering personal problems of one sort or another.  Two years ago, I split up with my husband.  Last year I was there on VERY limited resources and for a limited amount of time.  This year, it seemed I had several people with unfinished business to reckon with.  There’s no better way to put it than that.

Despite all that, there were many good things that happened at Pennsic.

  1. I had a very enjoyable first week, despite a very large blister that prevented me from getting around for two days.
  2. I enjoyed the parties and the company I kept first week.
  3. I enjoyed the fighting second week, especially in the woods.  Maybe this sounds odd, but the woods really feels like home to me.  Another fighter in the woods was complaining about it.  I made jokes about his persona not living in the woods, but, alas, it was not found funny.
  4. I really learned who would be there for me when I needed someone.  You know who you are, and thank you for being there for me and I love you guys.
  5. I discovered that the c-belt did not make my back pain worse in battle, so I can start attending fight practices without fear of additional pain afterwards, which was a large roadblock for me.
  6. Much to my surprise, I was made a court baroness.
  7. There’s something magical about watching naked guys cook food over a fire (but maybe that’s just me).
  8. I got to see SO MANY people I knew recognized for what they do in the SCA, from AoAs to peerages!  Many of which I thought were long overdue.
  9. Even though a lot of stuff happened, I feel freer leaving Pennsic having dealt with those issues with those people.

I left Pennsic with remarkably few regrets.  I am very much a perfectionist for myself and my self-improvement, so the fact that I have such a small list really says something.

  1. I wish I didn’t lose so many days to hangovers.
  2. I wish I could have spent more time with the people I wanted to see.
  3. I wish I hadn’t flipped out so much on the person who accidentally spilled a lot of hot wax on my hand-sewn, hand-embroidered dress AND apron dress.
  4. I wish I could have helped out more with the reign by retaining more.
  5. I wish I could have fought some pick-ups, knowing then what I know now about the c-belt and my back pain.
  6. I wish there were some things I didn’t talk about when drunk.  There were a few occasions where I spoke about things I really shouldn’t have.

Otherwise, there’s nothing else I really regret about this Pennsic, which is really saying something.  Maybe I have learned to live more by doing what I feel I should do more so I regret less.  Now, I need to start getting back in the groove. I need to start attending fight practices, practicing my shots on my own at home again, and work on organizing the heavy combat activities for Barleycorn.



~ by Gunnvor on August 21, 2015.

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