Pennsic XLIV: Peace Week

I spent my peace week getting settled in my own camp, visiting friends, and doing a bit of partying.  I usually talk about my Peace Week in more specific terms in my Pennsic blogs, but really so much happened that should not be told on a  public platform I’m afraid this blog entry will be pretty brief. (again, it’s stuff in my personal life having nothing to do with the reign).

The only thing that happened to me first week that is fighting-related were two drunken conversations in the swamp/bog area.  I know there is a difference between the swamp and the bog at Pennsic, but I don’t know what it is and I didn’t know which section I was actually in at the time.  A common “topsider” error, I suppose.

One conversation was simply about various fighting strategies.  While most of the concepts discussed weren’t new to me, the concept of being able to do a standing scorpion wrap on somebody without being significantly taller them or have your opponent on their knees seemed very interesting.  Even though I tried to get him to demonstrate it or describe it, I still didn’t understand how it worked.  If nothing else, it was a notable idea for me to pursue later on.

The other conversation happened when I was introduced to another female fighter at a party.  I don’t remember her name.  I am horrible at names when I’m sober.  She started by talking about how she accidentally threw a lot of cup shots. I did not grasp her meaning at first and talked about a few times I accidentally cupped Sir Alex.  Then I understood her.  She “accidentally” throws cup shots, meaning she throws them on purpose and claims it is an accident.   I do not subscribe to that method of getting men to take my shots.  I would personally rather be a bad fighter than to resort to that method. I listened as politely as I could then I started talking to someone else.   To be honest, I am appalled that someone would behave that way.  I remember a few years ago overhearing a female fighter teaching other female fighters to aim for the cup, but I didn’t realize that there were people dishonorable enough to actually do it.  Or maybe I’m being naive.  Do you think it’s okay for female fighters to aim or the cup?  What about male fighters?


~ by Gunnvor on August 21, 2015.

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