Pennsic XLIV: Middle Sunday

Today was a long day for me.  I woke up early, put on my opening ceremonies garb, and got to my meeting at 7am. A special thanks to the Beast and Boar for opening early so I could eat breakfast! Opening ceremonies was a grand affair, full of pomp and circumstance. I have seen it once from afar, but it is really something up close. I never realized out big our kingdom was. While we were waiting, I went with the queen to give out favors to the baronies that were lining up. It was amazing to see how long the line was! Because the teams were different this year, I’m sure things were set up differently. Aethelmarc was assembeled at the castle, which was adorned with Aethelmarc banners with their populace waving red fabric. The East and Middle processed in together. There was the declaring of allies. Most kingdoms gave a short “We’re with Aethelmarc” or something equivelant. One king gave a long speech saying something about fighting the Middle East. The word play amused me.

After opening ceremonies, I had signed up to retain for His Majesty. It was during the champions battles. He went around to the various champions chatting, saying encouraging things, etc. It made me realize that there is a lot more to being king than just various court obligations and the pomp and circumstance. I realized the same thing retaining for the queen at Northern Region War Cap. She went around to everyone who helped out – from the people running troll to the youth marshals giving them thanks and something small to show her appreciation.

I went to the gypsy camp and got “gypsified” because three of them were getting there AoAs. We headed up to court and watited for it to start. I was happy to see my friends being recognized!  Many of them had been coming to Pennsic for years, but did not play much during the year for various reasons. Some worked weekends, for example.  One of them had been working hard to make her Middle Eastern garb more period.  When the queen commented on it, it made her Pennsic!  I think those are the little things that make a King or Queen great — the small things that are said that really mean a lot to those that they said it to.  I remember when I got my AoA, the Queen admired the embroidery on my garb and the King asked if I would be fighting for the kingdom at Pennsic.  Because they took the time to say something meaningful, I remember that, even years later.  I guess, on a smaller scale, it shows how much words really do matter (and how carelessly I have used mine, at times).  Well, we live, we learn.


~ by Gunnvor on August 21, 2015.

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