Pennsic XLIV: Friday of War Week

The field battles were interesting. We were informed at the beginning that if we won all three we would tie for war points. In the first one, there was a point in time where we had a bunch of shields against two shields guarding six combat archers. I tried to order them to come with me and take them out. I had a pole arm and it would be unlikely that I could do it on my own. They didn’t listen. I didn’t know them and I wasn’t a commander of any kind, so they didn’t listen to me. I can’t say I could blame them.   As soon as I yelled it, one of the archers shot me in the face.

The second battle was interesting. There was no combat archery. There was a moment where there was an order to shift right, which made no sense to me, but I followed it. Then I realized we were the flank which would encase the opposing force into a “tidy bowl” maneuver. Unfortunately, there was a hold just as we came around them. It gave another unit the chance to notice what we were doing and as soon as the hold was over, they ran over to their aid taking us out. I caught a spear shot to the face and then it was all over for me.

We won the first two battles. The third battle started with an interesting strategy on their side. Their entire force was on the upper half of the battlefield. Our unit (and a few others) were on the lower half. We came around to flank them, but some of their force broke down to stop us. There were a few holds, including one medical, then I was taken out by an archer. I did not get to swing a stick throughout the entire three field battles. They won the third battle. Perhaps we will tie them in the rapier battle or in one of the other war points. I found out later that we did tie the war after all of the remaining points were tallied.


~ by Gunnvor on August 21, 2015.

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