Pennsic XLIV: Tuesday of War Week

I had been up for less than an hour and the back pain I woke up with was waning to a manageable point. I decided to put on armor anyway and went to get inspected. My pole arm failed inspection due to the thrusting tip, so I walked back up the hill, retrieved my sword and war shield, and returned to inspections which were, thankfully, still open.

Today were the bridge battles. My unit was placed in the reserves in the very rear of the lowest bridge for the first battle. As the battle wore on, we found ourselves at the very front. I stayed alive close to the end of the battle and was one of about 15 people left while we faced at least twice that number. I was just wondering if we were all going to rush in for a lost-ditch push or if command had something else in mind when I took a cross bow bolt to the throat. Somehow it bypassed my gorget and the metal beard of my helmet and struck my lower bare neck right above my collarbone. It felt like I couldn’t breathe. By the time I walked back to the EK pavilion, I was getting light-headed. I can’t remember who helped me out of my armor, but I am grateful to them. I started hyperventilating, which was something that I only ever did once in my life – a bad reaction to benedryl. I had never freaked out this much about being hit before. Ever. When everyone went out for the second bridge battle, Sir Ivan’s son Ben was instructed to keep an eye on me. He did an excellent job! He asked what I needed, brought me water, etc.  I calmed down and started putting my armor back on. My battle commander asked if I was okay to fight in the third battle. I told him that I didn’t know, but that I was going back out there anyway. I was tempted to change my mind when I put my gorget back on.. It felt incredibly constricting, especially of my breathing.

Our plan for the third bridge battle was to push them back with a series of pulse charges done by sub-groups in the unit. I was not assigned to a sub-group, but I was glad not to be included. My head still felt a bit fuzzy and I was unsure if I was capable of running. I thought I had placed myself far enough back to be behind all of the pulse chargers. When I heard someone behind me yell “Go around her,” I discovered I was wrong. The charges pushed the opposing team back to the edge of their bridge when I was shot in the chest with an arrow. I didn’t get to throw a single shot in any of the bridge battles!

Even so, two good things still happened.
1. My c-belt did wonders! My armor didn’t hurt my back worse AT ALL!
2. Also, I put on my armor to fight again after I had an excellent reason to stop.

Afterwards, I went to Coopers to shower. I found one advantage of being a female fighter – there were no lines for the showers at this time. I watched the men lined up with a small amount of satisfaction. To be fair, women always seem to have line for restrooms, showers, etc.

Then I stopped by a crumhorn thingy that Mistriss Sabine invited me to. I chose soprano and tenor crumhorn today because my brain was too fuzzy for transposition in my head. After my morning, it was nice to be reminded that there were things I was good at and that I chose to do the hard thing and fight.

“If it were easy, everyone would do it. The ‘hard’ is what makes it great.” – A League of Their Own

I had fun music-geeking it out. We played 4- and 5-part period pieces on an instrument I had only played twice in my life. I did well nonetheless, but my embouchure started going by the end. Then I ran into Wilhelm, the seneschal of my Canton. I chatted with him about getting his remaining armor pieces together and about the combat activities for Barleycorn as I will be running most of them. We talked of having a tourch-light tourney on Friday night and a melee and tourney on Saturday.

In the evening, there was the annual household gathering at Serpentius. This year contained an addition of a household court.  I was prepared to be happy for my fellow household members getting awards and brought my camera to take pictures of them.  I was surprised to hear them call my name after a few AoAs and one court baronetcy.  The King talked of my growth as a person and then awarded me the rank of a court baroness!  I was absolutely shocked.  I can honestly say, I was not expecting it, but it’s always nice to be recognized!



~ by Gunnvor on August 12, 2015.

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