Fighting Demo 6/1/15

While I attended Southern Region War Camp last weekend, I chose not to fight.  I knew my back would be in a decent amount of pain for days and I wanted to make sure that I was in good fighting condition for this demo, especially since I worked at the school that it was for.

Because it was held during the day on a weekday, it was relatively small.  I want to take this opportunity of thanking the two fighters who WERE able to make it at 9am on a Monday – Tom Don and Avron!  They could have stayed in bed and slept in, but instead they traveled a half hour to fight and answer questions in front of students.

This was actually broken into two demos — one for grades K-4 and the other for grades 5-8.  I explained less for the younger kids and made sure to iterate and reiterate that this was JUST A GAME so they wouldn’t get scared by the loud noise and violent nature.  I found out later that their teachers took it one step further and told them it was all just pretend, like a movie.  The older students got a more in-depth explanation of our personas and their histories.  We also explained more about our armor and what heraldry was.  They were also allotted more time, so we fought more for that group.

We each fought a few bouts with each major weapons form — sword and shield, long sword, two sword, and pole weapons.  There just wasn’t room to play with spears.  The thing that really surprised me was that  I actually did rather well.  I think I won close to half of my fights!  This is rare, but I’m glad I was able to make at least a decent showing for my students!

As predicted, my back hurt significantly for the next few days.  I could barely bend over at all the next day, much less pick anything up off the ground.


~ by Gunnvor on July 23, 2015.

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