Canton of Northpass Fight Practice 3/2/15

I had been talking with some other like-minded individuals from my new Canton who were interested in starting a local fight practice. I was mostly responsible for the task of getting the use of one of my schools as a location for the practice. The biggest trick has been finding a marshal. We had our first fight practice last night and Count Brennan (I think that’s his title now?) had offered to attend and be our marshal. Of course it was on the one Monday of each month where we didn’t get the cafeteria to use, so we used the music room.  It easily had enough space for one fight at a time.  Since there were only five of us, it wasn’t that big a deal.

I have not yet had a chance to fix my chin strap from Birka, which is one of several reasons why I have not fought since then.  I tried the helmet on and the chin strap was a little loose, but it passed the leaning-into-someone’s-hand test.  After some deliberation, I decided to give it a try anyway.  The people there tend not to do much in the way of face-thrusting anyway.  My right shoulder had been bothering me since Birka, so I fought as a lefty.  I have had shoulder problems on and off for the past 10 years, so this was nothing new for me. My first fight was Steven, a newer local fighter.  I had blocked a few of his shots when I found myself having problems holding up my shield.  My right shoulder was so messed up, that I couldn’t hold a shield.  It wasn’t even a heavy shield.

I was about halfway armored down, when it occurred to me, I could at least practice with my sword.  So I settled in to doing slow-work.  I saw Brennan watching me, so I asked him to give me any advice.  He asked me to hold my sword straight out and asked how long I could hold it.  My answer was, “Not long.” He handed me his sword, had me hold it straight out and asked how long I could hold it.  My answer was the same.  His was lighter and was weighted significantly differently, though.  Mine was very tip-heavy.  His was very hilt-heavy.

He lent me his sword to work with.  He had me bend my knees slightly more and I got a lot more power out of shots.  We talked a lot about hip movement and body mechanics.  Honestly, I think we just tweaked a few things, but it made SUCH a big difference!!!  One thing that I found particularly beneficial was that he had me hold the sword maybe a foot away and challenged me to hit him with a “good” shot.  I thought it was impossible, but found that if I used my hips the right way, it could be done.  He also helped me with my half-wrap.  I finally think I got it by the end!  The only problem was that when I pulled out my own sword to do these things, it didn’t work NEARLY as well.  The half-wrap with my own sword was a disaster.  I should look into seeing if I can barter for a heavier hilt.  In the meantime, I will see what I can do about lopping a few inches off of my own sword.

It was a REALLY good practice for me, even if I didn’t fight, because I learned so much!  Hopefully, my right shoulder will continue to heal so I can actually fight soon and get to some of those practices I promised people I would attend.  Also, hopefully, I’ll become a marshal so we can have regular local practices in the Canton of Northpass (Westchester County, NY).


~ by Gunnvor on March 3, 2015.

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