100 Minutes War 2014

I was a little afraid to fight at 100 Minutes War. For those of you who didn’t read my Pennsic post, I hurt my back on the battlefield so badly, I could barely walk. My frustration at not being able to take care of myself AGAIN didn’t help matters. I didn’t want to get hurt in the battle. I didn’t want getting hurt in the battle to ruin my good time at 100 Minutes War.

Due to a Thanksgiving Parade, I ended up arriving there after authorizations and I needed to reauthorize. When I got there, the war lord tourney was already in progress. I ran around trying to get trolled in, trying to find a marshal I knew who would sign my paperwork (thank you Ivan!), and finishing the paperwork myself. By the time I was ready to fight, everyone was already mustering for the battle. I had decided to play with a sword and shield (to better protect me and my back). Unfortunately, the only “war” shield I owned was strapped for a righty. So I was righty for the day.

My unit was on the left flank. It was placed on a road where one edge of the road was out-of-bounds. We were, in my opinion, placed rather awkwardly. Our unit was at the bottom of a hill. Whenever we charged them, we had to do it uphill. That wasn’t really a problem. The problem, as I saw it, was that we pushed them back to the point where we were much further into the opponent’s territory than the rest of our side, so our right flank became exposed and vulnerable. That is, of course, how I saw it. It is entirely possible that other people saw it differently.

In my first charge, I stayed near the edge of the boundary. I was killed, but was afraid to go down because I was afraid of getting hurt. I said “good” loudly. There was only one person to walk through towards the edge, so I raised my sword over my head and began to walk. Someone else slammed their weapon onto my helmet. I yelled “good”. They slammed the same weapon onto my helmet again. I yelled “good” as loud as I could (which IS pretty loud). Then I made it off of the field.

I survived the second charge and ended up in front protecting one of our spears. As such, I became a target very quickly. However, I had learned in years past how to hold my shield so that the only hope anyone had of killing me was from the side. I squatted down and rested the shield on top of my knee. I had three shots to my kneecap, presumably with spears. I yelled “low” for each one. I had one spear come in from the wrong side and hit the side of my knee. I again yelled “low”. It didn’t occur to me until later that even though my knees are marked on my armor dress, when I squat down, the markings are lowered, causing the other side to think that’s where my knees were,

Some time went by and I was told that the other side was complaining that I was “shrugging” shots. I was told that no matter where they hit me, I was to take that shot. I have an odd sense of ethics. It mostly follows rules and laws, but when I decide to follow them, it is almost a physical impossibility for me to not follow them. That’s how mentally ingrained following rules are for me. There have been times I haven’t known the correct rules and have made mistakes, but I always follow the rules as I know them. And it SERIOUSLY bothers me to break them. This seemed like one of those times. So I kept to the back of the unit for the second half of the battle, hoping that I wouldn’t have to call a knee shot good.

My plan mostly worked until we got in a charge situation where the few of us in the back were the only ones left. We stopped the charge and I stood up front with my shield up. It was blinding me, but it made me impervious to most shots. Unfortunately, they had charged and I hadn’t seen it coming, so I couldn’t brace myself for the impact. I was literally knocked off my feet. I also had someone walk on my calf using cleats. That was painful and bruised nicely. I wasn’t killed, just pushed over, but I still sucked it up and walked back to “rez”.

I still stayed to the back and again, somehow, ended up in the front lines. I was legged and went down to my knees during a charge. The charge ended and my entire unit had backed up, except me. I was taken out by a spear from the side, whom I thanked for relieving me from being in that awkward position. The leg shot also left a bruise, further proof that the knee shots were all knee shots. I have VERY little armor on my legs and tend to bruise from any shot that hits them. Anyway, I shouldn’t dwell on it, I suppose.

I was also retaining at court, so I got “prettified” and went to find Prince Omega. He was in a chivalry meeting, so I put all my stuff away in my car and chatted with a friend or two. This was my first time retaining in court, but it seemed simple enough. Follow them in and stand behind them during court. It did surprise me how many people were chatting behind them though.

All in all, it was a good day. I wasn’t in pain and I got to chat with a few friends.


~ by Gunnvor on November 27, 2014.

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