Nordenhalle Fight Practice 5/14/14

I brought one of my new co-workers to practice because he wanted to try getting into armor. We showed up a bit late because we went shopping for a cup for him. Neither of us had been cup shopping before, so it was definitely an interesting and entertaining experience.

There weren’t many people in armor that day. I am also writing this two weeks late, so I don’t remember much about this practice.  I recall fighting Brandon and Charlie with my usual rate of success (meaning I defended myself quite well but didn’t get many shots in). I also recall my muscles getting tired really quickly but that might just have been from overuse.

Ivan had helped my co-worker get into armor. I have seen some newbies fight before, but I had never seen one who relied so heavily on thrusts. There is some really bad video that was shot in the dark of me fighting him. He actually managed to thrust me in the gut twice. He also enjoyed getting into shield bashing which, for some reason, I enjoyed. I started getting tired, so I left him to fight other people.


~ by Gunnvor on June 5, 2014.

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