Hazlet Fight Practice 4/28/14

I had decided to attend this practice at the last minute. Because of that and some traffic, I got there quite late.

There were a number of fighters that had showed up that were not normally at this practice. The King was there. As was Syr Culann, Sir Oscad, and Ioannes. I tried to fight the people I hadn’t fought before, but it only sort of worked out due to the bear-pit format of this practice.

Because so much time has passed between writing this blog and the fight practice I am writing about, I sadly don’t remember much.

My fights with the King were over very quickly. He hit me in my most obvious opening every time. I remember him giving me some good advice, but it happened so long ago that I can’t remember what it was.

Sir Oscad asked me if I had moved to their shire/barony. I told him that I had moved closer but that I was still not technically in their shire. He was kind enough to offer to help me with my sword work and offense if I started attending more often. I told him I probably would but would need to take a few weeks off first.

I managed to leg Duke Konrad!  It was with a poorly executed half wrap, but it clearly worked well enough. It was the first time I had ever gotten a shot in on him, so I was excited. He also gave me some good advice which I was able to implement right away. It was so long ago I again can’t remember what it was.

I also managed to kill my squire brother Ionius for the first time!  I have no idea how it happened and I probably couldn’t replicate it if I tried, but I somehow managed a thrust straight to his gorget. I was again excited to have done well (for me) against him.

It was a good night. I felt like I was actually getting better since I was able to place a shot on two great fighters. I hope this uphill trend continues for me in the future!

Quest fights at this practice: 13
Total # of fights for quest: 162


~ by Gunnvor on May 13, 2014.

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