Serpentius (and friends) Fight Practice 4/25/14

We had a good turnout at this fight practice. I fought my squire brothers Joe, Deacon (who I think goes by the name Dimitri), and Tiberius. I also fought Nkante, Omega, Egil Bad-Hands, and Bjorvik.

I am so backed up on my blog that I’m having a difficult time remembering how every fight went. As such, I’ll just mention the things that stood out in my mind.

Omega worked with me to have a more efficient offside shot. It was something he had taught me and I had practiced before. I’m not sure if I had just forgotten about it or just wasn’t using it while fighting.

I remember my fights with Joe went pretty quickly. Deacon took it upon himself to try and beat me quicker than Joe did. He succeeded with a number of one-shot-one-kills.

I did better against Nkante. He fought me with a club and short pole arm. I mostly managed to get the short pole arm out of the way so then I only had the club to contend with. That doesn’t mean he didn’t end up hitting me with it, but our fights lasted longer than many of the others.

I did best against Egil Bad-Hands. He did really well considering he had only been fighting for a few months. I think I killed him 2 or 3 times out of the 5 I fought him.

Quest fights at this practice: 29
Total # of fights for quest: 149


~ by Gunnvor on April 29, 2014.

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