Nordenhalle Fight Practice 4/23/14

I had debated whether or not to get into armor. My back was still hurting and my muscles were still sore from the Hazlet practice I attended on Monday. When I got there, there were only two fighters other than myself. I told myself I could easily armor up and fight each of them five times. By the time I had armored up, there were four people to fight. Then later a fifth arrived. It was a small turnout for this practice, but more than I had anticipated fighting originally.

My first fight was Ivan. He killed me pretty quickly with the same shot a few times in a row. He managed to hit the precise spot in between my sword and shield in my guard. He mentioned it being a trick to fighting other lefties. I explained the other two tricks that I knew but couldn’t execute. He showed me an element that I had been missing in the one of tricks. He quickly won all our fights.

My next five fights were with Hralgar. I was surprised to find that while I was defending against him, my footwork was quite good. Our fights lasted a while. I was pleased with how well I was able to block many of his shots. The only shot was any that went up and over my head (he is significantly taller than me). I found out fights took a lot out of me. I was breathing quite heavily by the end of them.

I fought Branden next. Again, I feel like my defense was good. I was breathing heavily after every fight or so. I had issues getting any good shots in on him, but at least it took him a while to kill me.

My last fight was Charlie. I had never fought him before. I was defending even better against him. I still had issues getting a good shot. It seemed like it took him forever to kill me. Halfway through our second fight I could no longer hold up my shield.

I enjoyed myself, but I was annoyed that I hadn’t gotten a chance to fight everybody there 5 times. I also started to realize that my offense is really holding me back. I was able to defend myself for quite a while against most of the fighters at this practice. If I could actually get a shot in, I could probably have won some of those fights.

Quest fights at this practice: 16
Total # of fights for quest: 120


~ by Gunnvor on April 24, 2014.

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