Concordia Fight Practice 3/31/14

This blog post was written in two stages. I completed the first half of the blog the day after the practice. The second half was written almost a month later. Please excuse any inaccuracies due to the fading of my memory with time.

As soon as I had arrived at the practice, I was happy to see a decent turnout and people I knew there.

My first fight was Joachim. I had fought him before, but he had changed his gear so I didn’t recognize him. As soon as he said his name, I remembered it and him. I also remembered that every time I heard it, I wanted to pronounce it “Wah-keem” as a former student of mine did. Anyway, when I fought him, he mirrored my style of waiting for the other person to take a shot. It was a good plan because I didn’t have the strength to hold up my shield that long. After a while, I made the first move and he often exploited it. I saw him fighting other people later and realized that he was taking it easy on me.

I think I fought Asgar next. I had often fought with him in melees back in my Northern Army days, but rarely fought against him. He was clearly better than me, but at least I was able to make (most of) our fights last past one shot kills.

I fought Wilhem next. He beat me quickly and in a different way almost every time. After hitting me in the abdomen twice, he stopped to show me how he did it. His explanation was easy to follow and I was able to easily duplicate the shot. I would just need to remember to start it “goofy foot” against lefties.

Sir Yosh had a great sword. It was rare that I fight a great sword with sword and shield. Usually I’d pull out my pole arm instead. I always enjoy fighting him for two reasons. He possesses the rare gift of being able to take it easy on someone, still be able to fight in a way that they learn something, AND have fun in the process. The other thing I enjoy is his technique. There’s something about the way he fights that reminds me of the year I took Tae Kwon Do. I find his style of fighting more familiar and (comparatively) easy to deal with. That’s not to say he’s easy to beat. The opposite is quite true. I just found his style more understandable in my brain than the typical fighting style, if that makes sense.

I had to stop fighting in the middle of our fifth fight because my vision in my right eye started to blur. For whatever reason, my one contact was giving me trouble. I removed my helmet and gauntlets and took care of my contact. That’s when I realized that my back had started to hurt. I had fought four people in armor and NOW it was starting to bother me. I had lost 7lbs over the past week and a half and it was clearly a weight off my back.

I fought Tomas next. He had improved from the last time I had fought him. I used to be able to take his legs. He was very difficult to fight when I got him there, but in the past I could take his legs. Now, however, the only time I was able to get close to killing him was with a face thrust. Even though the last time I fought I got hit in the legs quite a bit, this time, I found myself blocking them almost instinctively.

I fought Carl next. I didn’t know him, but that’s how he signed my book. I actually killed him once, so I was happy about that. He killed me the rest of the time.

My last fight was Master Wulfstan (the unshod). Since he’s such a skilled fighter and I tend to get frustrated when I fight him (which is my own fault) I decided to save him for last. He kept hitting my lower abdomen, letting me know afterwards that I was angling my shield out too far at the bottom. During our last fight, he hit me in the cup.

Someone there who was watching commented at one point that I wasn’t using my hips/core to throw a shot. He was right. When my back hurts, I know I don’t. The question is, do I do that when my back is not bothering me? I suppose I will need to have more time in armor with my back not bothering me before I can make an accurate assessment on that count!

Fights fought at this practice: 35
Total # of fights for quest: 72


~ by Gunnvor on April 2, 2014.

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