Mudthaw 2014

My back had been giving me problems on and off throughout the week. Until Saturday morning, I was unsure if I would be fighting. Thankfully it had subsided enough for me to fight.

I arrived at Mudthaw in a bad mood. I had worked both jobs and closed at the second one the night  before. I had gotten less than four hours of sleep. I was tired and cranky and showed up much later than I wanted to. I tried my best not to let my crankiness show throughout the day. I hope it worked.

I geared up and chatted with some members of Serpentius while waiting for them to start the tournament. They called my first fight against Bjorvig when they announced the fights. I was looking forward to fighting him. I know him, but hadn’t fought him before, so I hoped I had a chance at winning. However, when they called my name for the fight, I was to fight Sterling. I was annoyed that they had switched things around.

My fight with Sterling was over pretty quickly. I knew he was too good for me to beat him. He circled around me a bit. I attempted a few shots that he easily blocked. Then he changed up his guard, which confused me. After that he legged me and killed me.

My second fight was against Sir Matthew MacBain. It, too, didn’t last too long. I did manage to block his first few shot, but that was about it. As I walked away from the fight, my squire brother Tiberius had seen the fight and complimented me on those first few blocks. He explained what the knight I fought was attempting to do that I had instinctively thwarted. Perhaps I AM too hard on myself sometimes about sucking at fighting.

After that I got out of armor. I think I had mentioned this before, but I am the exchequer for my shire and had to meet with the kingdom exchequer to do a review of books. That lasted about two hours. By the time I got done, very few people were left doing pick-ups.

Despite my tiredness and unpredictable mood, it WAS a good day! I enjoyed seeing many people I hadn’t seen in a while.  I am also two fights closer to my 1,000, so it’s a start!


~ by Gunnvor on March 23, 2014.

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