Rusted Woodlands Practice 1/16/14

Given how pleased I was with my performance at the Nordenhal practice the night before, I suppose that it should have been a realistic expectation to do worse at Rusted Woodlands, but the thought did not occur to me.  I showed up at 8:00, the usual starting time, and was surprised to find that there were fighters there armored up and fighting.

I armored up, making small talk with a few people I hadn’t seen in a while.  They had a Birka-sized bear pit marked out on the floor.  Like Birka, all of my fights mostly blurred together.  A few stood out in my mind.  Like my first fight with Skopa.  We had  been bantering for a few months now about who “sucked worse” as a fighter, me as a new-to-lefty or him as a newbie great sword.  But we had never gotten a chance to fight each other.  I apparently suck worse, because I lost to  him.

Out of all the fights I fought, I only won one.  It was kind of Omega to praise the shot I won with.  I also worked with a few people there.  Ioannes repeated some advice that he had given me previously a few months ago.  But since I wasn’t following it, I must have needed to hear it again.  I asked him to show me how to do a mullinet (sp?).  It was tough and I’m unsure if I can even replicate the motion to practice it correctly on my pell.  He also showed me another shot that I grasped better (eventually).  It was like an upper-cut motion to an offside chop.  I’m going to need to remember to practice that one on the pell next week!

Even though I had been working on my onside shot to a face thrust on the pell earlier in the week, there was still room for improvement.  I’m glad to be shown that I need to improve, but it’s frustrating practicing something only to find out  you’re doing it wrong.  It’s difficult to unlearn the incorrect way and relearn it right.  My angle for my onside shots was incorrect in two ways.  The first is easily fixable.  The hilt of my sword was lower than the tip as I struck a blow.  According to Omega, that angle is why my onside shots always catch on my opponent’s shield.  The second thing is going to be tougher and I’m not sure what to do to fix it.  At the end of an onside shot the way I had been throwing it, the sword ends up at a bit of an angle from my arm.  I was shown that my sword must be straight, like the sword was a continuation of my arm in the same direction my arm was pointing.  But I couldn’t do it.  It hurt my wrist.  It wasn’t pain from muscle weakness or strain.  It was pain because it hurt my wrist to bend in that manner.  I have been being shown how to throw a flat snap the “correct” way for about 13 years now (although I did take some time off during those years).  I still can’t throw one right, apparently.    I started getting frustrated about it maybe 4 years ago when I was still being shown a flat snap.  I trust Omega to teach me correctly, but after all this time, why can’t I get it right?  Or is there no right way? The other issue with that combo was that I was bringing my sword back too far in between the flat snap and the face thrust.  I DID practice that part on the pell on Friday.

Sterling also reminded me of some advice he had given me when I last saw him at the Bhakail practice over a month ago.  Like the advice from Ioannes, I apparently needed to hear it again, since I wasn’t following it.

I found myself limping from back pain about two hours into the practice.  I took some time to take a pain reliever and stretch out my back.  It did no good, so I armored down.  Even though I was annoyed that I hadn’t performed well, it WAS nice seeing some of my friends that live further away!  I had been getting out so little due to shortage of funds, it was REALLY nice to see and chat with people again!

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~ by Gunnvor on January 19, 2014.

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