Another Update

I just realized it has been a while since I have last written. And that was just a rant on the movie Enders Game. So last week I didn’t fight because of my back. Last Wednesday I came up with a training strategy.  I think I did pretty well considering I started halfway through the week and went away over the weekend.

Pell: 2 times (goal of 4-5 not met)
Strength: 2 times (goal of 3 not met)
Cardio: 2 times (goal of 4-5 not met)
Practices: 1 (goal of at least 2 not met).
Diet: Not so good. I haven’t eaten many vegetables on a daily basis and I have been eating a lot of junk.

Notes: I purposely took last week off of practices due to my back issues. I did well with this first phase of strength training. I even did well on a 60 second plank. I could not complete 10 tricep dips at my current weight. It was raining the first day I wanted to do cardio. In looking through my old PS2 games, I found some DDR (dance dance revolution) discs. I figured having to move my feet quickly in a confined space could really help my footwork. I noticed when working on combos, that I am still closing my eyes when I practice, for some reason. I need to stop doing that.

As for why I haven’t attended practice this week, I have been sick. I have had a mild fever and my throat and lungs hurt. I am hoping to be better in time for the regional practice in Bergental this weekend.


~ by Gunnvor on November 14, 2013.

One Response to “Another Update”

  1. Gunnvor I totally misread your name as guvnor initially.
    I love this post, it is so important to help hold yourself accountable to tasks and goals. I use this strategy for fitness and even for building my medieval history blog and staying consistent with posting

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