Middletown Fight Practice 11/5/13

My soreness was mostly gone on Tuesday, so I decided to attend a fight practice. I was fine. My armor made my back a little sore, but I fought anyway. They were doing a round robin. My first fight was with Tobias. It was a long and entertaining fight. He was another lefty. He started by aiming for one of the spots that I know I leave open to opponents. I leaned out of it and used my momentum for my next blow, which was also blocked. After a few more tries to hit each other, he took my left arm, so I switched my sword to my right hand. He nobly put his shield behind his back and we fought with single swords. After several failed attempts, he aimed for my side, opening up his head and we got a double kill. I fought Tiberius (the tall) next. This fight was shorter and ended with a blow to my head.

During that fight, it became apparent that something was wrong with my back. I got out of armor, but it still hurt. On my drive home, it throbbed with pain, despite the three naproxin I took. I will not fight for the rest of the week. My back clearly needs time to rest and heal. I just hope that this is a temporary setback and nothing more.



~ by Gunnvor on November 6, 2013.

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