Nordenhal Fight Practice 10/23/13

I was one of the first people who armored up, but I ended up having to take care of a number of exchequer-type things.  I was conversing about our shire’s upcoming fundraising auction when Ivan, quite rightly, reminded me that I should be fighting.

So I fought Ivan first.  One of the first shots he hit me with confused me.  He hit me in the back of the helm and moved my head a few inches, but it just didn’t feel right.  I called it good, of course, but I was quite confused by the fact that it didn’t feel right.  I didn’t do very well against him in either offense or defense.  By the second or third time he killed me, I even forgot to focus on my stance.  He hit me in the back of the head a few more times.  I hid my confusion, but again, even though there was the telltale moving of the head to signify a good shot, it didn’t feel right.  He showed me how to avoid that shot and practiced it with me a few times. We fought a little more, but it wasn’t just that he was winning, I felt beaten. After a few minutes, he explained what he had been doing to make me feel beaten. How do I counter psychological things like that? I suppose knowing it is happening is a good first step, but how do I learn to not be bothered by something that clearly DOES bother me? We went one more round.  By then I had realized that my head had gotten swimmy and I needed to sit down.  He told me I did well, but couldn’t imagine what as my main focus became finding a chair to sit down in.

I had mentioned in one of my previous blog entries that I had a problem with light-headedness when hiking. I must have tempted the fates with my relief that it hadn’t happened while fighting, because last night it did.  I must have sat in that chair close to an hour waiting for it to fade. I could feel a tingly sensation in muy feet, my nose, my lips, and my forehead as I stared off into space and waited for it to end.  During that time I refused two offers to fight. Eventually, it did fade and I tried standing. Then I tried moving. Then I tried bending down to pick up my helmet.  I was still a little off, but wanted to at least attempt to do something out there before I armored down and went home.

Deacon was visiting our fight practice, so I was happy to have a chance to work with him. He gave me a choice between fighting and playing.  Because I was still unsure if I should be fighting, I chose the playing option.  I told him I was working on my offense.  He offered to let me try and hit him. His defense was good and I couldn’t hit him with much. The only thing I can say about the shots I attempted was that most of them at least had some good form and technique behind them. Then, quite by accident, I tried a half wrap on his leg followed by a face thrust. It surprised me that it worked. I tried the combo a few more times and it still mostly worked.  Finally I decided to try other shots and other combos, but nothing worked nearly as well. He tried to teach me a high offside type of shot, but I could not make it work. He started to press me with his shield, but my light-headedness returned and I armored down.

I still didn’t feel right when I returned home either. I tried to think what caused it. I had fought the previous night without difficulty. Could it really be my drop in blood pressure due to rapid weight loss? The top number in my blood pressure HAD gone down by 22 during my last doctors visit. Could it be that I went running in the rain or fighting in the cold the previous day? Why does stuff like this always happen on a Wednesday?  I don’t have the answers to these questions, but I wish I did. I am now wondering if I should attend the Rusted Woodland practice tonight. Do I avoid a practice because of what MIGHT happen? Or how would I feel if I drove for 2 hours only to not be able to fight?



~ by Gunnvor on October 24, 2013.

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