Unofficial Practice in Middletown, NY 10/22/13

This was a new practice for me and I had not met anyone at it before, or so I thought. I had seen Mark show up to Nordenhal practices once or twice, but don’t recall speaking to him.  It was a small backyard practice, but in a few weeks they will have an awesome indoor site.

Mark was my first fight, another lefty. I am starting to get good at noticing lefties and altering my guard accordingly before we fight. I did quite well against him, which means I think I killed him about as many times as he killed me. I was surprised, but pleased. I even managed to get him with a wrap to the back of his head!  I did fall for his fake followed by a butt wrap. This seems to be a common fault in my defense when I fight other lefties.  I need to figure out what I need to do to fix it.  At least he didn’t hit me hard in the butt.  I had mentioned that I’ve been working to derust my armor and hadn’t finished so I had NO protection on my hips and butt.    I hope to finish my armor by this weekend, but ideally will finish it by Thursday.  I want to attend the Rusted Woodlands practice again and don’t know all of the fighters are capable of hitting lightly on those areas (I know there are a number of newer fighters there that might not yet have that kind of control).

Fighting Mark, I made sure to focus on my stance and did pretty well.  He commented after the fight that I wasn’t putting my body into my shots. I know I forget to do this sometimes anyway, but thought it was because I was unused to doing it in that stance. I will need to work on that.

There was a new fighter there, John. After being taught some basic shots by the others, I offered to let him try and hit someone in armor.  I learned two things from doing this.  I learned that he really picked up on fighting quickly and I learned that without moving, I have a lot more openings!  It was refreshing to meet a new fighter who was not afraid to hit me AND listened to my advice!  I often steer clear of newer fighters at practices for that reason. It may sound strange, but it’s nice to be taken seriously by a newbie.

My next fight was with Hassan (sp?).  I am not sure what happened, but I forgot to focus on my stance and everything else just fell apart.  He also had some interesting combos and fakes that I was not used to, so I did not do as well against him.  My shield arm was starting to tire, so I ended our fight.  I had planned to pick up my pole arm, but we got talking.  We told funny Pennsic stories and talked about mutual friends.  We explained various SCA stuff to John.  Before we realized it, it had gotten late and cold. 

This was a fun practice, but I would have liked to fight more.  It’s also much closer than the Bhakail Tuesday practices! I definitely plan to return!



~ by Gunnvor on October 23, 2013.

One Response to “Unofficial Practice in Middletown, NY 10/22/13”

  1. Thanks Gunnvor for coming and playing with us. It’s fun to fight with a lefty.

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