Nordenhal Fight Practice 10/16/13

Due to many circumstances (some within my control, some not), I showed up late to practice.  When I got there it was going full swing. My first fight was Leo. He had not fought for a long time. The last time I had fought with him had been as a righty. I noticed right away that he was a lefty and moved my shield to accommodate in the way Ivan had taught me. Otherwise, I tried to stick to Omega’s stance advice. I did well for myself. I still had issues killing him, but did well for myself with my defense. I did kill him a few times, though. I remembered what had worked on when other lefties had fought me and tried to recreate the circumstances, with mixed results. I was surprised at the compliments Leo gave me. He even said I’m now a better fighter than he is! That made me feel really good about myself and my progress!

My next fight was Aaron. He has been around for a number of months now, but does not have a SCA name, to my knowledge. I have also never fought him before. He is very tall and I assumed he’d be a good fighter with his superior height and reach. I was surprised at how well I defended myself, again focusing on my stance and shield placement. He quickly figured out that I waited until he threw a shot before I would and so got out of the way, avoiding most of my blows. I think he only killed me twice. One of those times was because I moved my shield when I attempted to throw a shot. The other was an awesomely placed and executed thrust. I even killed him once too!

My last fight was Tiberius (the tall). He kept hitting me in that one spot I have issues blocking/avoiding. After awhile, I got frustrated and was going to walk away. He still wanted to fight and I think we were the last ones in armor. Maybe it’s bad for my training, but I said I’d fight him some more if he would avoid hitting me with that one shot. He agreed, and we continued. We fought more and I was able to defend myself from most of the other shots he threw at me. I don’t think I was able to kill him at all, but I’ll take whatever successes I can get! He once got a beautiful half-wrap on my inner thigh!

My back started to really hurt, so I armored down. I’m assuming that the fact that I have been lowering my stance and sticking one hip back when I fight may have contributed to my back pain. I had issues getting winded easily throughout the practice, also. I had tried to improve my cardio. over the past few weeks, mainly by hiking. For some reason, when I went hiking, I got light-headed really quickly and easily, even during hikes on flat terrain. I had mentioned this to Omega on Tuesday night. He said that when you lose weight quickly, like I seem to be doing, it messes with your blood pressure. That makes sense, but I can’t wait for it to stop! Light-headedness has oddly never been a problem while fighting, but getting winded is.

When I woke up today, the pain in my lower back was worse. I had intended to go to the Rusted Woodlands fight practice today, but given my current pain level, it’s not likely to happen.



~ by Gunnvor on October 17, 2013.

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