Bennington Fight Practice 10/13/13

I drove up to this fight practice under the impression that there would be a few people there.  When I got there, it was just me and Sir Alex.  Not that I mind Sir Alex, but I usually prefer a variety of people to fight.  My first fight was Sir Alex.  I fought him with sword and shield.  I thought I defended pretty well, but, of course, he kept winning.  He did compliment me on one shot, so I was pleased about that.  I later asked him what he was doing to keep hitting me in the leg (because he had managed it a few times).  He told me about the combo he used.  I knew the only way to deal with it was to back up to avoid it.

My second fight was, surprisingly, Sir Alex.  I fought him using pole arm and he was using great sword.  I’m not sure if my pole arm skills are slipping of late or if he’s just good with a great sword, but he did a lot better than me.  I think I only got one or two kills on him that way.  He kept taking my arm.  It was amusing to try and kill him one handed.  Once I even succeeded!

My third fight was NOT Sir Alex!  There was a guy there who was writing a story on what we were doing.  He got into armor, but Sir Alex had to lend him his gorget, so I ended up fighting him.  It was his first time in armor.  At first, I allowed him to just try and hit me.  I left my head wide open, but he kept hitting my shield.  Then Sir Alex directed me to hit him back, but just single shots, no combos.  I did that.  Then he suggested I try adding in some combos.  I am not strong in combos as a lefty yet, but I did what I could.  Sir Alex then tried to explain to him how to block, but he was having a difficult time because I was an unusual fighter — a lefty.  I still had my righty shield in the trunk of my car (I had brought it to somewhere to lend to someone who didn’t need it, but I can’t remember who or what now).  I pulled it out and fought righty for the first time in six months or so.  I was surprised at how well I did.  My left arm had some issues keeping the shield up, but my right arm definitely remembered some shots and combos!  I am still better righty than I am lefty, but that’s to be expected given how long I had fought with each. 

My next fight was (drum roll please) Sir Alex!  He decided to fight with two swords.  I was nervous about it, but I decided to match his weapons form.  I was nervous because the last time I fought with two swords was when I authorized for it, maybe two years ago.  And even then the marshals seemed somewhat skeptical, although they did sign my card.  In my mind, I sucked at two swords.  But I figured, “Why not?”  I tried to make up a good stance (I really didn’t remember one).  Sir Alex easily killed me and told me what was wrong with that stance.  I asked him what a good stance was.  He showed me several.  I picked one that I liked.  He said I did really well!  I actually thought I did pretty well.  I’d say I was killing him almost as much as he was killing me!  I couldn’t figure it out.  The last time I had tried, I REALLY didn’t do well.  Then I realized what people had been saying to me whenever I told them I had switched to lefty, “It’ll really help you do when you fight with two swords.”  They were right!  Sir Alex complimented my “combos”.  I honestly just remembered the advice someone had given to me about fighting someone with two swords: “Most people use their dominant hand 75% of the time, even when they’re fighting with two sticks.”  I had decided not to follow that pattern.  I always alternated hands.  Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t, but I was quite pleased with my attempt at fighting two sword!

My last fight was…. Sir Alex.  We went back to sword and shield.  I went back to fighting lefty.  He hit me a few more times in the leg.  I saw it coming most of the time, but for some reason, couldn’t make my body back up.  It’s not like I backed up late, my body didn’t move.  I just put it down to being tired and armored down. 

I did enjoy myself and I learned a few things too!  One thing I learned is that some people perceive me as a better fighter than I perceive myself.  I had a chat with a fighter who couldn’t stay long enough to fight, just long enough to say “hi”.  His estimation of my fighting was well above my own.  Maybe this is along the same lines of the self-deprecation that I am often criticized about in my writing.  Really, the more often I fight, the less self-deprecating I seem to be about my fighting.  Maybe it’s a correlation, or maybe I’m just getting better.  Either way, I’d say it’s a win!



~ by Gunnvor on October 14, 2013.

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