Bhakail Regional Practice 10/1/13

I first want to thank all the people who offered to have me crash at their place so I could attend Bhakail practices! I may take some of you up on that offer in the future, should I decide to return for practices!

I was disappointed at how few members of Serpentius were there fighting. I had hoped to see some of the southern members of the household there. The last one I attended had Joe, Nkante, Ionnes, Omega and Talan there. Only Talan was at this practice.

My first fight was another lefty named Fergus. The only good thing I could say about my fight with him was that I recognized that he was a lefty first thing and got in the appropriate stance. My fighting went downhill from there. He started fighting me normally at first, but quickly realized my craptacular level of fighting. He asked how long I had been fighting. I responded with, “Too long to suck this badly. I switched to lefty about 6 months ago.” After that he eased up on his shots, throwing only occasionally. I still could not lay a stick on him.  My stamina had improved slightly from the day before, so I was happy about that.

I fought Vachir next. He told me that he likes fighting me because we’re evenly matched. He continued, indicating that he can beat me more easily than the other fighters there. He has only been fighting for three or four months now. I’m sure it was meant as a compliment of sorts, but it just added to the feeling of ineptitude I had acquired in my previous fight. Our first fight was a double kill. After that, our fights were long and drawn out and I believe he won the rest of them.

I was quite winded after fighting Vachir, so I went outside to get some fresh air. I chatted with other fighters that were out there. Vachir told me what I needed to hear — a reminder that I am practically a newbie again now that I’ve switched to fighting lefty. Fergus encouraged me to get back in there and continue fighting. I listened to him and walked back inside. When I got there, nobody was fighting, with the exception of a few youth fighters. I overheard a conversation between a new female fighter and a male experienced fighter. He was explaining to her how to fight in the style explained in the book The Armored Rose. I explained the drawbacks of the style, having worked hard to follow the advice of that book at one point. I suppose I should be the last person to advise other female fighters, given my lack of progress, but that thought didn’t occur to me until later.

My last fight of the night was Connery (sp?). He fought with two swords. I managed a few shots on him that were way too light, mostly because I missed what I was aiming for or I just couldn’t generate power. I had a hard time blocking him because I couldn’t easily follow both swords. He told me I wasn’t using my body to throw shots (again?). I don’t understand why I need the same reminders over and over and still forget simple things! I practice proper form (including using my body to generate power) at home. It just seems that whenever I actually fight, all of the good training leaves my head. At one point, he hit me on the tip of my left shoulder, right where the joint is. My lamellar shoulder plates dug into that spot, right on the seam which provided a gap in the padding of my lacrosse shoulders. I tried to walk away, but he offered to let me practice hitting him. Even without having to worry about defending myself, I STILL couldn’t hit him! After a few minutes, I realized that my shoulder wasn’t working like it should. He gave me some good advice about strapping a shield. I had recently ordered a shield blank and hope to receive it soon. He said to take a 15lb weight and hold it up until my arm gets tired. When it gets too heavy and your arm finds a “resting position” to take the shield and strap it so that I can block from that resting position. That way, even when I am tired, I can still easily block.

I armored down and saw a bruise already starting to form on the tip of my shoulder. I felt the joint was starting to swell. It was only the swelling that typically comes with a bruise, but the location of the bruise made it difficult for me to use that arm. I am assuming that the swelling will go down with ice and an anti-inflammatory. I hope to still fight at the Nordenhal practice. If nothing else, I will show up and make the attempt anyway.

Fighting so much has shown me where my armor needs improvement. I need to cut down my left vambrace.  My gauntlet overlaps it.  Now that I’m fighting more often, the overlap has caused a bruise to develop on my wrist.  I have also noticed problems with my left leg armor.  Sometimes, even when I think I have done everything right, the metal knee slips down past where it should.  I think I’ll show it to someone who knows about armoring tonight and see if there is an easy fix for this problem.

I have often been accused of being self-deprecating in my blog entries. I honestly just write what I think and feel. And there are some days when I get more frustrated over my lack of progress than others. I do feel like I’m leaving something crucial out of my training, but am unsure what that might be. Or maybe I am expecting too much of myself after essentially starting over again as a lefty. I don’t know. I just know that I need to be stubborn and persevere.



~ by Gunnvor on October 2, 2013.

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