Concordia Fight Practice 9/30/13

I don’t know what happened, but my stamina was crap today. Both my wind and my arm strength did not allow me to fight for very long.  My average fight lasted for about three kills before I was panting hard and my right arm was unable to hold up a shield. I took a lot of rest breaks, but I didn’t give up. I did keep going back out there with the sword and shield. I realized that I will likely be fighting with sword and shield at Crown, so I should work most on that weapons form.

I fought Brendon with sword and shield a few times throughout the practice. I was pleased and surprised to see that I was pretty evenly matched with him. I didn’t count, but I think I killed him almost as many times as he killed me!

I fought Tomas once but did poorly. I legged him once and got a clean shot to the top of the skull, but there was no power in it. Otherwise, he beat me every time.

I fought Wilham twice– once with sword and shield and once with pole arm. All the bruises that I will likely have tomorrow are from him. I know he was even taking it easy on me because he could have easily hit me harder, but he didn’t. Even so, he was the toughest fight I had all night. The first fight ended with a butt wrap from him and the realization that I was not fighting him with the right stance. I remedied that, but couldn’t block all his shots. He also legged me with a shot he could not know was where I had no armor. When I fought him with a pole arm later, I noticed that he always matched my stance. If I got into a righty stance, he got into a lefty stance, and vice versa. His matching my stance really threw me off and I did poorly. I was really proud of the fact that I managed to take his arm once with a pole arm. That was the only shot I managed to get in on him. He also hit my right arm twice where I am unarmored. I will likely be bruised there tomorrow.

Not long afterward, everyone began to armor down. Sir Yosh showed me how he grips a sword and pointed out the advantages of it. Wilham gave me some great advice of incorporating movement into pell work (something I really need to start doing). I did realize a few things during this discourse. I realized that I could still throw shots with my left arm, even though my shield arm was too sore to be useful! I also realized that my slow work with the pipe at home had really paid off. The few shots I threw, I was very pleased with. The technique seemed good (to me) and there seemed to be sufficient power behind them. I think this means that I should move on to combos when working at home with my pipe. I also need to work on strengthening my shield arm some more.

I also realized tonight that I have a goal for Crown Tourney. Maybe I’m aiming low, but my goal is to kill at least one person. Every Crown I have fought in, I don’t believe I killed a single person. This time I want to win against at least one fight. I would be thrilled with more than one, but one will be good enough for me, I think!



~ by Gunnvor on September 30, 2013.

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