Concordia Fight Practice 9/23/13

I hadn’t done any cardio since last Tuesday because of my knee injury. I still am working with my pipe.  When I first started with it, I could barely complete 4 shots with it.  On Monday, before I went to the Concordia fight practice, I managed to do 20!

My first fight was Tomas.  I used to do pretty well against him, but not anymore.  We both fought sword and shield.  He got me a lot with that offside head shot.  I resolved to practice avoiding it while working on stuff at home and I have practiced it since.  I did manage to get him with that excellent combo that my squire-brother Deacon showed me about a month ago, so I felt pretty good about that!  I was pleased that my muscles and wind seemed to have more stamina than I had before, too!

My next fight was Brendon.  We both fought with a pole arm.  He was pretty new to pole arm so I expected to do well against him.  We were maybe equally matched when it came to kills.   He got more in the beginning, but I got more at the end when I started figuring out his style.  Given that he hadn’t fought with it much, he picked it up quite well!

Next a few of us took turns fighting each other.  I fought Tomas first and lost twice.  Next I fought Sir Yosh.  He pointed out that I wasn’t using proper body mechanics to help me throw my shots.  Once I realized what I was doing wrong, I quickly remedied it.  Even so, I could feel my sword arm starting to weaken.  I took a break.

My last fight of the night was Wilham.  I remembered Ivan’s advice from the previous Wednesday about fighting other lefties, so I made sure to position my shield correctly.  It didn’t help much because Wilham is so much better than I am.  There was one point where he managed to get me to move my shield with a fake and left me wide open for a nicely placed butt wrap.  It went up under my armor so it hurt!  We fought once more after that, but I realized that my left arm didn’t have the strength to throw the shots correctly anymore.  Wilham also told me about a great pell idea that can work even where I live.  It’s portable so I can take it down to the yard and bring it back upstairs when I’m done.  You take a 4′ long piece of 3/4″ rebar and pound it halfway into the ground.  Then you take large screw I-bolts and attach them to the rebar.  Finally, you take a 6′ long piece of 4×4 padded with whatever and thread it through the bolts.  Not only will it work for a pell, but it has some movement to it too!  It’s a great idea! I am really going to have to pick up those materials when I can!

As I armored down, I noticed pain in my back.  I hadn’t realized the fact that my back hadn’t hurt last week, until I noticed that it did this week.  It’s probably because I haven’t been doing much walking due to my knee.  That’s a great reason for me to make sure I keep doing cardio!

I drove to the Nordenhal fight practice on Wednesday expecting to fight.  Unfortunately, due to a stupid decision on my part, I felt really sick and ended up just driving back home (after stopping at a gas station to puke).

I had planned to attend the Bennington fight practice this Thursday.  There were only three people that had RSVPed, including myself, and one had stated that he wouldn’t be able to make it.  I decided not to go.

I didn’t do so great with making it to fight practices this week.  I plan to make up for it next week though!


~ by Gunnvor on September 23, 2013.

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