Bhakail Fight Practice 9/17/13

I went for a short run and a longer hike on Tuesday. I plan to do this often to improve my stamina. The leaves were starting to fall, but the fall colors were only slightly discernible. The air smelled of fall– like crisp air and dying leaves. Autumn is my favorite time of year, so it was really enjoyable.

When I got back, I drove to the Bhakail fight practice.  My gps stated that it was only a little bit longer of a drive than the Bennington (non-Shire) fight practices, so I figured it would be fine.  What I did not expect was the rush hour traffic I encountered.  The only reason I had showed up at the fight practice on time was because I was mistaken at what time it started at.  I thought it had started at 6, but that was the Concordia practice.  Traffic added an hour and a half to my trip.  As much as I like going there and working with some of the southern members of Serpentius, I do not plan to make that drive again.  The last two times I went, I was staying with a friend who lived somewhat nearby.  I drove down during the day when there was no traffic and the way to the fight practice from where I was had markedly less traffic.

I had been to these practices twice before, one was a regional, the other wasn’t.  Both had a good number of fighters, so I had assumed that there would be a decent turnout there today.  I was wrong.  There were only four of us.  Me, my squire brother Joe, Vachir, and Patrick.

My first fight was against Vachir.  I decided to play with the pole arm first.  I tried to use some of the new techniques I practiced  yesterday, but once the fighting started, I forgot to use them.  I still did well against him because he’s pretty new.  I think he only got one kill on me.  

Next, I fought Joe with the pole arm.  I did not do nearly as well against him.  He is a very mobile fighter and I really couldn’t get away or get a good shot in once he closed in on me. He also pointed out that while I use a side stance for pole arm, when I move I square my body up. I will definitely have to work on fixing that. When instructing the others on how to fight a pole armer, he borrowed my pole arm. I can’t remember why, but during his demonstrations he hit me with my pole arm when I had no weapon. I don’t know why, but it really bothers me being hit with a “good” shot when I am unable to defend myself. It actually took me a while afterwards to figure out exactly what bothered me so much about it. I took a break and a walk. Then I returned ready to fight.

After that we did a round robin.  I picked up my sword and shield for that.  I knew I wasn’t going to get any better with sword and shield unless I practiced with them.  I did poorly.  I was frusterated for a little while because both Vachir and Patrick are both newer fighters that both started earlier this year.  I had to keep telling myself that I’m a newbie myself, fighting lefty and that I wouldn’t get any better unless I practiced. They kept getting me with a deep offside shot that I had real issues blocking. Near the end of the round robin, I started being able to lay shots onto Vachir. I mostly managed body shots. I was also able, for the first time ever, to shut down a wrap shot by chopping the arm of my opponent, per Omega’s previous instructions. I felt good about that.

Joe worked with me on the offside to the face. I had been aiming too low (partially due to arm strength issues) and that’s why it always hit shield whenever I attempted it. He also worked with me on movement, something I really needed improvement in. He also seemed to keep trying to get me to be more aggressive.

I had intended to be the first one in armor and the last one out of it.  That’s not quite how it worked out.  I was the first one in armor.  Near the end of the night I took a blow to my knee.  Sure, the blow was low, but that wasn’t that big a deal.  The big deal was that my knee armor had shifted and the blunt metal edge of my knee armor had been jammed into my kneecap. It hurt. When I got my armor off, I saw that I had an inch long gash and it had swelled up to the size of an eyeball. A nice guy whose name (I believe) was Muim looked at it, applied ice, cleaned and bandaged it.

On my way home when I stopped at a rest area, my knee threatened to buckle with every step. Despite everything, I told myself I would still attempt the Nordenhal fight practice the next day. I also started looking for a place to stay so I can attend the Bhakail regional practice in a few weeks.


~ by Gunnvor on September 19, 2013.

2 Responses to “Bhakail Fight Practice 9/17/13”

  1. I am a member of the Bailiwick of Ivyeinrust and live fairly near fight practices. I often have a spare mattress (sometimes an air mattress) available. You can find me on as SRACHAEL. (Found your post while googling for N’Kante’s email address.)

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