Home Practice

I was planning on going to the Concordia fight practice tonight, but they cancelled it due to rain (it’s currently being held in a park).  So I got together with my friend and squire brother Tiberius (the tall) and fought with him for fun.  I had left my favorite pole arm at River Wars, so I had wanted to get used to using my less favorite pole arm, which is a little bit shorter.  As such, I mostly worked on pole arm tonight, to get used to the difference in length.  We mostly fought for fun, but I learned a few new things.  I do wish that I could pick up sword and shield stuff like I can for pole arm!  I averaged about three slow rounds before I could use new techniques at full speed.  Compare that to the dozens of times I have to practice sword and shield techniques slowly and STILL often can’t perform them at full speed.

The first thing we worked on was me practicing staying to the shield side in order to prevent being closed in on.  It worked REALLY well!  The next thing was switching up the grip on the pole arm when being closed in on.  The grip he showed me flipped the one hand around the the grip I had learned at the pole arm class I took at Pennsic, so I already had a fundamental knowledge of how to operate a pole in that grip.  Next, I surprised him with something I had been working on for awhile now: a pole arm wrap!  He also showed me how to chop down on his arm whenever he went for a wrap or a leg shot.  I remember Omega teaching me (several times) to do that with a sword and shield, but for some reason that didn’t translate over into pole arm until Tiberius mentioned it.

During a break I was playing around with a few ideas I had with both sword and pole arm.  It was one of those, “It would be really cool if I could figure out how to do _________” kinds of things.  The weird part is, I figured out how to do it!  Tiberius tried but he couldn’t.  He said the muscles in his wrist wouldn’t allow him to.  For some reason that I have yet to figure out, mine could.  So I now have a secret weapon shot!  I may have even invented it!!!!  I will, of course, need to practice it so I can get it up to speed and strength and make it usable, but I was so happy I jumped up and down with excitement!!!

After the break, we practiced a few things I knew I needed to work on like pulling out my saex when my pole arm was grabbed.  It still didn’t work all that well, so I will need to practice that one some more before it will be usable for me.  We also practiced with me fighting from my knees and me fighting him when he was on his knees.

I didn’t expect it to be, but it was a REALLY good practice! I learned a lot!  He also stated, “You surprised the shit out of me more than once.” So I’m quite happy with how the practice went and how I did there!  Yay!




~ by Gunnvor on September 17, 2013.

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