I’m Back

I have recently experienced a lot of personal drama lately (as anyone reading my recent posts will know). I said I’d be back to fighting and blogging when I’m ready. While I’m not sure that I’m ready, I have decided to return to fighting and blogging anyway.

I also have a new motivation for fighting.  I have submitted my information for Fall Crown and I want to make sure I really do my best.  Master Liam St. Liam has agreed to be my consort for Crown Tourney! Fighting for him is really inspiring me to work hard to do as well as I can for my consort! I know that there’s always the chance that I’ll get lucky and do well, but last Crown I didn’t win a single fight, so I don’t expect to win. I do hope I’ll do better this time.

As such, I’m going to hit as many fight practices as I can a week starting today (as far as my finances will allow).  I also plan to make it to as many fighting events on the weekends depending on my mundane social obligations. Because of my personal issues, I may be moody and  unsociable, but I will no longer allow them to get in the way of attempting to fight and get better. I apologize in advance to anyone I may be unintentionally rude to and anyone who gets weirded out by the random crying episodes that will likely occur at times.

Feel free to suggest fight practices on days I have free. Also feel free to suggest fighting events. I may also need crash space if a practice or an event is far away. Here is my current schedule:

Mondays: Concordia fight practice
Tuesdays: ? (maybe Bhakail, but it’s so far away)
Wednesdays: Nordenhal fight practice
Thursdays: ?
Fridays: I usually have Circle every other week
Saturdays: Mundane social engagements, fighting events, and Bennington (also known as the non-shire) fight practices
Sundays: Central regional practices once a month (when I can make it due to mundane commitments) and anything else that is recommended to me.

I expect to experience a few weeks of muscle pain and fatigue because I plan to train and do my non-pell sword work even on days I have fight practice. I will probably not be able to fight long or well at first. I am hoping if I stick with it, I will improve in my skills, my strength, and my stamina.

I will probably have moments of despair about my fighting ability and days where I don’t feel like doing anything.  I will have some very painful weeks ahead where I will wonder why I am doing this to my body. I would love any positive encouragement or anyone who wants to help keep me accountable for training and my non-pell sword work!

There have been so many wonderful and encouraging people who read this blog.  I welcome any more encouragement. Also, I would love it if people would wish to keep me accountable, whether here, on Facebook, over the phone, or in person.  I am trying to become the best fighter I can be.



~ by Gunnvor on September 15, 2013.

One Response to “I’m Back”

  1. Go for it! Don’t forget some cardio in with the strength. Reaching a point where stamina will be your biggest problem is good. You need the muscle stregth but you also need your lungs to know what to do with air so you don’t go anaerobic as easily when fighting. I’m starting to train to get back up to an endurance cyclist (what I do instead of fighting any more.) My lungs fired me (meaning my asthma went way out of control) earlier this year. My tone and base conditioning went right out the window again and I’m now about 50 lbs over preferred slacker weight and where I was in July of last year and 70 lbs over “fighting weight.” I’m really more concerned with what I can do vs. the weight. I build the capacity to ride 65 miles and the weight will take care of itself. I want to hit a couple of full 100 mile rides next year. My bike is back on the trainer in my living room. Back to making incremental progress! By New Year I would like to be able to finish my endurance Sufferfest video.

    You look at the final fights in any crown and it is the fighters who still have some wind and can therefore get the power to land a solid clean shot that win. They are cooked and like endurance cycling it is those that have the skill but can also perform under punishing aerobic and anaerobic conditions that make it to the final rounds. Build the skill and the capacity to perform while suffering and you will go far.


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