Post-Pennsic Thoughts

Overall, I had a good time at Pennsic.  I did have some personal drama to deal with there.  I did not expect it to happen when it did and I tried my best to keep the fall-out to a minimum.  I do apologize for any issues I created. I want to let everyone who offered a listening ear know how grateful I am.  I want everyone who judged me to know that they don’t know the whole story nor will they ever (meaning I don’t intend to talk about it, not meaning something horrible happened, which it didn’t). So please try and keep scorn to a minimum.  For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about: move along, there is nothing to see here.

At Pennsic, I discovered that my armor is no longer working well for me. I plan to talk to a few people about what I need to do to fix these problems. My lamallar is digging into my hip and has re-opened welts on my hip that had been made previously. Twice my mild steel lamallar has been exposed to the morning dew (which was completely my fault) and rusted even more. Many of the plates are bent. So at this point, I am going to have to take it apart, clean off the rust, pound them back into shape, and re-lace it. I am also considering going with a low-profile kit if I can afford it. One morning I was only half-armored when leaving camp so I just had my pretty battle dress on over my leg armor and lacrosse shoulders. One of the guys from Crimson Company (I can’t remember which one) remarked how good my “hidden kit” looked. It got me thinking about actually creating/wearing one. I’ll have to think about and discuss my options before I come to any decisions, though.

This was the first year I camped with Serpentius. Getting to hang out with some of my squire brothers during Peace Week, I really got to know them and their non-fighting strengths. They are all such awesome people! Ivan is the organizational mastermind behind the encampment. He makes sure everything is set up and in proper working order and spends much of Peace Week dedicated to this. Joe is fiercely protective of all of us and even tracked me down when I was out “too late” drinking in the Bog to bring me back to camp one night. Ioannes has the gift of being able to cheer you up and make you laugh no matter how bad you’re feeling. Tally is a dedicated father and managed three daughters, made sure they enjoyed themselves, and still made it down to the field for pick-ups.

This was the first year I did pick-ups during Peace Week (I think). I plan to do more in the future as my back continues to heal. Listening to one squire-brother’s accounts of how many hours he did of pick-ups daily really inspired me to do more at home. I started by doing pell-work yesterday. While I made several friends at Pennsic, one of them has made an agreement with me that we will both keep on each other to ensure that the other does pell-work daily. I hope it works out because I could use the push!

As always on the week after Pennsic, I am going through Pennsic withdrawal. I have been thinking about what makes Pennsic such an awesome place. For me, it is the close proximity to so many awesome people. Most of my SCA friends live far away in real life. Most of Serpentius lives anywhere from 3-7 hours away from me, in all directions but west. Olaf and his household live 4 hours north. My gypsy friends live 5 hours away south-west. Many of them I don’t get to see during the rest of the year.

But it’s not only this. At Pennsic, life is simpler. Sure, I need to cook, do dishes, and do laundry, but that’s really it for necessities. We live with so much less stuff than we do in our mundane lives. No matter what it is you do in the SCA, life is still simpler. Whether your primary focus is getting up for battle in the morning, or for classes. Or maybe you sleep the morning away and party into the night. Or maybe you spend your time volunteering to make Pennsic what it needs to be. Whatever it is, there is less to do. I find when I truly focus on an activity, I enjoy it more. These are just my hypotheses and two cents. What do you think makes Pennsic so special?

Disclaimer: All I have written was true to the best of my memory at the time it was written. My memory can be poor and my point of view can change with time, so please keep that in mind as you read.


~ by Gunnvor on August 6, 2013.

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  1. What do I think makes Pennsic so special? Two words: cannon crew! 🙂

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