This Week In Training

Monday: I did not train.
Tuesday: I fought at the Regional Fight Practice in Bhakail.
Wednesday: I ran, did strength training, and pell work with Omega.
Thursday: I walked and went swimming.
Friday:  I did not train.
Saturday: I fought at Northern Region War Camp.
Sunday: I was too injured to train.

Things I Learned This Week:
1. I learned that I need to work more on building up my arm strength.
2. I learned that I get really overemotional when I don’t get enough sleep for several nights in a row.
3. I learned what shield lifts are and how to do them.
4. I learned how to tweak some shots I have been working on to make them more effective.
5. I learned that I need to learn to block my right hip when fighting pole arm.
6. I learned that I get angry and frustrated when I get injured.
7. I learned that sometimes all I need is a good friend (or three) to cheer me up when I’m in a bad mood.
8. I remembered how much I love swimming.
9. I learned that I don’t need to be hit in the back to injure my back.
10. I should have made period undergarments years ago. Things are much cooler and if it gets hot enough, I can just wear them!

I have been spending a lot of time focusing on getting things ready for Pennsic. I know Pennsic is two weeks away, but I’m having house guests the week of Pennsic so I feel the need to make sure everything is ready to go. I have even managed to put off doing pell work in order to sew. I also have a few minor tweaks to make on my armor along with re-taping one of my pole arms. I’ll be very busy this week getting it all done AND making sure my house is clean enough for company!


Disclaimer: All I have written was true to the best of my memory at the time it was written. My memory can be poor and my point of view can change with time, so please keep that in mind as you read.


~ by Gunnvor on July 8, 2013.

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