This Week in Training

Monday: I ran intervals for approximately 20 minutes and did pell work with sword and shield.
Tuesday: I did nothing to train.
Wednesday: I did nothing to train.
Thursday: I did strength training (5 sets of 8 with 10lb weights) and did pell work twice with sword and shield.
Friday: I ran intervals and did pell work with sword and shield.
Saturday: I did nothing to train
Sunday: I did nothing to train.

Things I Learned This Week:
1. My energy levels vary greatly.
2. Strangely, one of the things that hinders me from doing pell work is the fact that I have to go outside.
3. I am building muscle (I learned this from the muscle pain I have been feeling).
4. I can’t do pell work for very long, but I can do it more than once a day.
5. I need to manage my money better so I can pay my bills AND attend more practices.

Comments: I wanted to make it to one of the Mountain Freehold practices they were having this month, but I couldn’t. I also haven’t heard of any of the Central Regional practices in a while. I have pretty much solidified my schedule until Pennsic, so here are the following practices and events I plan on attending:
July 2 – Southern Regional practice in Bhakail
July 3 – Possible private practice
July 5-7 – Northern Region War Camp
July 10 – Nordenhal practice
July 13 – Special weekend practice at Northern Outpost
July 17 – Possible Nordenhal practice (I may be too busy with Pennsic prep)

Disclaimer: All I have written was true to the best of my memory at the time it was written. My memory can be poor and my point of view can change with time, so please keep that in mind as you read.


~ by Gunnvor on June 28, 2013.

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