Concordia Fight Practice 9/23/13

I haven’t done any kind of cardio since last Tuesday because of my knee. I did work with the pipe this morning, though. When I first started working with it, I could barely manage four slow shots. On Monday I was able to do 20. And that was before I hit the Concordia fight practice.

My first fight was Tomas. We both fought sword and shield. He mostly got me offside on the head. I realized that I had been forgetting to practice avoiding those shots. I resolved to work on that at home in the future. I was able to pull off that combo my squire brother Deacon taught me a few weeks ago, so I feel pretty good about that! I also seemed to be able to fight longer. Both my muscles and wind were good!

Next Brendon and I fought each other with pole arm. He mentioned that get was newer to it, so I expected to do better than I did. I got a few shots in on him, but not nearly as many as I expected to.

Next we traded off fighting. I fought Tomas twice then fought Sir Yosh twice. Sir Yosh pointed out that I’m not using proper body mechanics when throwing my shots. Once it was brought to my attention, I did better with using my body to throw my shots. Even though it helped, I realized my muscles were wearing out.

I fought Wilham last. I remembered what Ivan had said at the fight practice the previous Wednesday about how to hold a shield while fighting another lefty. It didn’t help much. Wilham was too good. He got me with a really good butt wrap. I had never received one from a lefty before so was not used to blocking it. It didn’t help that the fake he used right before it has caused my shield to move out of the way. I think we fought once more after that and I realized that my muscles were so sore I was throwing my shots horribly.
Wilham also told me about an apartment pell idea. You take a 4 ft long piece of 3/4 inch rebar and pound it two feel into the ground. Attach 2 screweye I-bolts. Then thread through a piece of 6 foot long 4×4 wrapped in whatever padding I want. It was a really god idea!!!

I realized that not only were my muscles sore, but my back hurt. It took feeling the pain to realize its recent absence. I guess when I stopped doing cardio due to my knee, my back started giving me problems. That’s an excellent reason for me to keep doing cardio!

I tried to go to the Nordenhal fight practice on Wednesday, but due to a stupid decision on my part, I was sick to my stomach and didn’t fight.

I had also planned on attending the Bennington fight practice on Thursday, but only three people RSVPed and one said he wasn’t going. I decided not to go.

I didn’t do so well with attending practices this week. I will have to try and make up for it next week.


~ by Gunnvor on May 15, 2013.

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